As the driving columnist for the Globe and Mail, I put unique demands on my tires. My 2012 Lotus Evora S that has to perform in a wide variety of roles – I drive it on racetracks, compete in autocross, use it in video shoots, take it on cross-country trips, and deke through traffic in Canada’s biggest city.

And I bring readers along with me to experience the rush of high performance driving. So my Pirelli P-Zero Corsas have their work cut out for them – they have to perform like race tires, yet take the abuse of day-to-day. And they do it all beautifully.

Last week, I was lapping Mosport raceway at 235 kilometers per hour. That came on the heels of an autocross event, two video shoots, and a 4300-kilometer promotional trip through Canada and the eastern US. My P-Zeros handled it all without breaking a sweat. At the track, they give me ultimate confidence through high-speed turns thanks to their incredible grip and progressive breakaway when I decide to scrub off speed by sliding the car. My readers are always amazed at the way my Lotus sticks, and the way I can drift it through turns like Mosport’s Moss Corner (I always tell them it’s the tires, not me.)

The stresses on a high performance tire are significant, and great performance calls for a masterful balance of performance qualities. I’m truly impressed by the way the P-Zero Corsa achieves this. They’re quiet on the highway, they handle rain-slicked back roads, and their ultimate grip is incredible. They are the perfect compliment to my Lotus’s incredible chassis.

This summer, I went down to North Carolina and Georgia to drive some back roads that have become legendary in the driving enthusiast community. These roads are a supreme challenge for a car, driver and tires. There are endless variations of surface, corner radius, elevation and camber. Rapid turn-in, sharp braking and confidence-inspiring grip are essential. My P-Zeros gave me all that.

At track events, I get a lot of questions about my tires. My readership includes an extremely high number of enthusiasts who use their cars in multiple roles. There aren’t many tires that can handle high-speed lapping, all-out autocross competition and day-to-day driving in both wet and dry conditions. And, like my Lotus, many of their cars don’t have a spare tire, so reliability counts, too.

On top of its other duties, my car serves as a rolling advertisement for the Globe and Mail, and for a small, elite group of companies I have chosen to associate my journalistic brand with. My Lotus goes to car shows, and to events like the Montreal Grand Prix, where it always attracts crowds of curious admirers. And every time I look at my beautiful car, I’m amazed at the way the classic yellow Pirelli logos add to the overall package. I’m proud to have them on my car.

Thanks to your company for a great product, and for choosing to associate with my brand through your tire sponsorship.

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