Pirelli has revealed the final three tire choices for the last three races of the inaugural season as the exclusive tire supplier to Formula One.

At the Indian Grand Prix, which takes place at the end of this month, the P Zero Yellow soft tire will be used along with the P Zero Silver hard tire. For the final two grands prix of the season in Abu Dhabi and Brazil, the P Zero White medium and P Zero Yellow soft compounds have been nominated.

With the brand-new Buddh circuit near Delhi in India having its first grand prix this year, the hard and the soft tires have been nominated in order to cater for every eventuality and strategy. Initial impressions suggest that the Indian asphalt is quite abrasive with high ambient temperatures expected. The hardest tire in Pirelli’s P Zero Formula One range is designed to cope with these extreme conditions, while the P Zero Yellow soft tire guarantees the best possible performance.

Contrary to convention, the soft tire has been nominated as the prime in India with the hard tire as the option. This allows the teams to run more sets of the quicker tires during free practice.

Pirelli already has quite a significant amount of data from Abu Dhabi, where the Formula One teams tried out the Italian P Zero tires for the first time last year, before a final pre-season private test at the Yas Marina circuit. The combination of the medium and soft tires has already been used in five races this year including Japan and should be well adapted to the varied characteristics of the Abu Dhabi track.

The Interlagos circuit in Brazil, which will bring the season to a close in November, also contains a wide range of speeds and corners, once more making the adaptable medium and soft tires the ideal choice.

“India is a big unknown for all the teams and ourselves, so we will also be taking the most durable hard tire in order to cover every base,” Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery commented. “Abu Dhabi is much more familiar territory for us, where we know that the medium and the soft tire will suit the circuit well. As for Interlagos, we’re aiming to end the season on a high. The combination of medium and soft rubber has given us some close racing in the past, lots of overtaking and provided some good opportunities for interesting pit stop strategies.”

The tire choices so far:

P Zero Red P Zero Yellow P Zero White P Zero Silver
Australia Soft Hard
Malaysia Soft Hard
China Soft Hard
Turkey Soft Hard
Spain Soft Hard
Monaco Supersoft Soft
Canada Supersoft Soft
Europe Soft Medium
Britain Soft Hard
Germany Soft Medium
Hungary Supersoft Soft
Belgium Soft Medium
Italy Soft Medium
Singapore Supersoft Soft
Japan Soft Medium
Korea Supersoft Soft
India Soft Hard
Abu Dhabi Soft Medium
Brazil Soft Medium

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