Rome, Italy – October 27th, 2010 – Pirelli Tire has signed the European Road Safety Charter (ERSC) fostering its commitment to reduce traffic accidents through continuing international initiatives in the years to come. The Charter, promoted by the European Commission, was signed today in Rome during the Italian stage of the European Safety Charter National Tour.

Alessandro D’Este, Managing Director of Pirelli Tire Italia and signatory for the Pirelli group, said: “Safety has always been our focus. Pirelli means performance everywhere in the world but there is no performance without unsuitable levels of safety. This is the reason we have always been committed to a continuous search for products and solutions for sustainable mobility, and undertaken many initiatives to promote a safety culture among our customers, our partners and our retail networks. The signing of the European Charter is a confirmation and a reinforcement of this engagement we have.”

All the actions Pirelli is involved in are in line with the feasibility, predictability and verifiability criteria required by the European Road Safety Charter, which has been signed now by more than 1900 European institutions and private concerns. Pirelli fully agrees in meeting ERSC’s 2020 targets in both developing technologies and planning international actions addressed to increase road safety awareness.

Amongst the many initiatives conceived by Pirelli Tire, a special mention is reserved to its current efforts in increasing consumers’ awareness about choosing high quality tires, as well as in planning proper maintenance programs in order to prevent road accidents. Those activities are carried out through awareness-raising tools such as official information notes, dedicated sections on corporate websites, newsletters, workshops and training courses for retailers and end-consumers. Furthermore, large-scale prevention campaigns are currently set up mainly throughout heavy traffic periods, during which Pirelli makes mobile working stations available for free tire pressure checks and overall efficiency measurement for all drivers. This kind of initiative was already carried out in 2010 reaching 25 millions motorists in Italy alone.