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Mercedes-Benz grants homologation of Rome produced Scorpion Zero Assimetrico

New size, 255/50 R19 103Wto fit ML and R class Pirelli has been awarded industrial homologation from Mercedes-Benz to commence original equipment supply of 255/50 R19 103W Scorpion Zero Assimetrico. The Mercedes-specific size will be produced in Pirelli’s Rome, Georgia facility andwill be fitted to ML 550/350 and R 350/320CDI. ...>

Pirelli technology creates a New Generation of K-Pressure

Pirelli Technology Creates a New Generation of K-Pressure Second-Generation Tire Monitoring System Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show GENEVA, Switzerland, March 5, 2004 -Pirelli will unveil the new, second generation of its K-Pressure safety system at the 74th Geneva Motor Show. A device for monitoring the pressure and temperature of tires, ...>

Innovation, the Name is Pirelli

From MIRS&#8482 to the Eufori@ Run-Flat, from the Scorpion Zero for the Record- Braking Dodge Ram SRT-10 Pickup to the Fiat Trepiuno Concept Car, Great Ideas Are the Life Blood of Pirelli GENEVA, Switzerland, March 2, 2004 For 74 years the Geneva International Motor Show has been the motoring worlds ...>