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Pirelli confirmed as exclusive Formula One tire supplier from 2011

The Italian tire firm will supply all the Formula One teams from 2011-2013 with six types of tire: four for dry weather, one for rain and one intermediate. Pirelli – which has supplied tires exclusively for the GP3 championship this year – will also supply the GP2 championship from 2011, ...>

Mercedes-Benz grants homologation of Rome produced Scorpion Zero Assimetrico

New size, 255/50 R19 103Wto fit ML and R class Pirelli has been awarded industrial homologation from Mercedes-Benz to commence original equipment supply of 255/50 R19 103W Scorpion Zero Assimetrico. The Mercedes-specific size will be produced in Pirelli’s Rome, Georgia facility andwill be fitted to ML 550/350 and R 350/320CDI. ...>

Pirelli technology creates a New Generation of K-Pressure

Pirelli Technology Creates a New Generation of K-Pressure Second-Generation Tire Monitoring System Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show GENEVA, Switzerland, March 5, 2004 -Pirelli will unveil the new, second generation of its K-Pressure safety system at the 74th Geneva Motor Show. A device for monitoring the pressure and temperature of tires, ...>