When the big P meets the big N

Pirelli has developed custom made P Zero tyres for the Veloster N, the new car from the Hyundai sports car division

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When the big P meets the big N

N stands for Namyang, the district in South Korea which houses Hyundai's Global Research and Development Centre. But N also stands for Nurburgring, the iconic track which is home to the  Korean company's Technical Centre.

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Which may explain why the letter N is also the name of Hyundai's Performance Division, the perfect embodiment of the sporting spirit of the brand. Hyundai has been involved in a range of motor sport competitions throughout the world for many years, from the World Rally Championships to the VLN Endurance Racing Championship at Nürburgring and from the Pirelli World Challenge to the24 Hours Nürburgring. This sporting influence is also visible in the division's logo: the graphical design of the N reproduces a racing track chicane. 

It is here, where the search for high performance meets genuine sporting DNA, that you will find Pirelli. 

After supplying the original equipment for the i30N, Pirelli has now developed custom-made P Zero tyres for the Veloster N, the second model launched by Hyundai's sports car division and designed primarily with the American market in mind. The second generation of cars from the Korean manufacturer has kept the magic recipe of an uneven number of doors (two on the right side, only one on the left), a truly distinctive feature, unique in the motoring world. Equipped with a 275 CV 2.0 TGDI engine capable of 0-100 km/h in 6.2 seconds, the Veloster N also boasts a front limited-slip differential which improves traction when cornering. The manual six-speed gearbox system carries out double clutching automatically, ensuring faster and more fluid gear changes. 

The heightened versatility of this model meant that it was also in need of specially developed tyres. The P Zero tyres made for the Veloster N can be identified by the letters "HN" inscribed on the shoulder of the tyre: this branding tells you that the tyre is custom made in line with Pirelli's Perfect Fit strategy.  With this approach, the Pirelli engineers develop tyres specifically for each individual model so the tyres are able to respond to the precise technical requirements of every vehicle.

For the Veloster N, the Pirelli technicians focused on three key areas: 
- Greater comfort, thanks to the use of a polyester carcass
- Low noise levels, attained by working on the shape of the tyre impression and the tread design
- Durability, so the tyres can cope with the most extreme surfaces most commonly found in Europe 

To achieve an even more comfortable ride, close attention was also paid to defining all the elements of the structure which can affect the tyre's vertical stiffness.

The result: an exclusive variation of the Ultra High Performance Summer tyre, available in size 235/35 R19.

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