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Launching the Next Generation of P Zero in the United States

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Vegas has a reputation that precedes it.  As one of the world’s top tourist destinations, “sin city” as it is commonly known, is never dull or the place for a quiet relaxing weekend. With world-renowned shows, concerts, casinos, bars, restaurants and luxury retail, the city moves at a speed that leaves no time for sleep. Fully embracing high-end kitsch, the architecture is a dazzling array of lights and interesting structures that is a feast for the eyes.  From the skyline of New York, to an Egyptian pyramid, the Eiffel Tower or canals of Venice, you can go on a virtual “world tour”, all without leaving the Vegas strip.  All of the entertainment, thrills, luxury and over-the-top activities anyone could ever want to experience can be found in this glittering oasis in the Mojave Desert. What better place to launch the latest edition of our iconic P Zero family?  An American Icon in itself, Las Vegas aligns perfectly with a product that bills itself as the most thrilling tire on the market.

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P Zero was revolutionary when it was introduced over 30 years ago.  Pirelli developed special technologies to maximize performance and invent the zero degree overlay, which made P Zero a true original.  Over the last three decades the P Zero name has grown in fame and is synonymous with the highest luxury performance.  With iconic advertising campaigns, an amazing array of super car fitments, Formula 1®, and top celebrity endorsements, the P Zero has moved beyond being simply a product to become a brand in itself.  

P Zero has undergone an evolution that has produced many different unique offerings all within the same product line; the P Zero Corsa, P Zero Nero, P Zero Trofeo, and P Zero All Season Plus, to name a few – all centered on the core foundation of Pirelli engineered premium performance. With the next generation of P Zero, the focus becomes more intent on a core value at the heart of the brand – perfect alignment with top original equipment manufacturers.  Original Equipment homologations have long been at the core of Pirelli’s brand strategy. Pairing with top car manufacturers, together with technological advancements derived from motorsports has driven continuing performance and customization advancements. This allows Pirelli to craft tires that are truly the “perfect fit” for any car – especially those super cars that push performance limits.

With more prestige original equipment fitments than any other brand, the P Zero has established itself as a benchmark for top performance and driving control.  The line covers an impressive array of vehicles within its portfolio of original equipment homologations – now topping 800 fitments. With the addition of the new P Zero, the specialization focus becomes much more intense, honing and highlighting the unique details and nuances of each individual car– elevating the driving experience as only a P Zero can. 

So, how to introduce a new product in this storied product family?  By weaving together the fanfare, history and future of P Zero together in a stunning spectacle that tells the story is a way that is both experiential and exciting – befitting the iconic brand. 

On the first evening of the launch, in a presentation geared to both top press and dealers, Pirelli elevated the experience from the concrete to the conceptual.  For events, it all starts with location -and Pirelli’s choice of the avant garde, Frank Gehry designed, Keep Memory Alive Center, set the perfect stage for an evening of entertainment and surprises for guests. The complex is not only stunning and uniquely designed, but proceeds from the rental of the space benefit Keep Memory Alive, an organization aimed at supporting the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.  Proceeds from the use of the center directly benefit the clinic which is dedicated to integrated care, research, and support for patients suffering from brain health issues such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease. Combining exceptional design with corporate social responsibility in a way that seems seamless, Keep Memory Alive set the tone for a top-notch evening.  Along with the expected product introduction and technical overview of the product, the evening aimed to entertain guests in true Pirelli style. In a nod towards its most recent advertising venture, Pirelli’s highly conceptual “Divas and Shoes” campaign, the theme of the evenings took the idea of the “perfect fit” to a whole new level.  Making the connection between tires and shoes in a way that emphasizes the importance of matching premium for premium was illustrated by crafting a glamorous, elegant fashion show with only one problem – all of the shoes were wrong.  The point being made that the shoes are not just a detail, they are a game changer.  So, when choosing tires, the same philosophy applies, matching quality for quality to achieve the perfect fit is key.  Linking fashion, luxury, and super cars together with P Zero in a way that was effortless, the evening took advantage of the most glamorous aspects of the brand to weave the story of the brand.

P Zero launch in Las Vegas

The second day of the launch activity moves from the introductory and the conceptual to the pure experiential with a day of driving geared towards giving participants a real feel for the product and its capabilities. The driving activities took place at Dream Racing, a five-star, Pirelli-sponsored driving experience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that allows drivers  a chance to drive a wide range of super cars and race cars – all on Pirelli tires.  For the launch, the facility was transformed into a full scale testing center allowing dealers and the press the opportunity to experience the power and performance of the new P Zero through a comprehensive driving experience.  Testing under various conditions and with differing track set-ups created to best illustrate the incredible grip, handling, and performance of the product, allows for a comprehensive experience of the new P Zero.  Of course, the line-up of cars drew from the impressive original equipment portfolio of the brand and included the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo, Lamborghini Super Veloce, Mercedes AMG GT and Pagani Huayra. In addition, the agenda included a driving experience geared toward the newest local addition to the family, the North American specific P Zero All Season Plus, which was also made its debut in Las Vegas at Dream Racing.

True to form, and embracing the spirit of the brand, the launch of the new P Zero also included special touches and thrills to accent the event.  To have an event in Las Vegas it is obligatory that at least some elements are truly over-the-top, and crafting the program, Pirelli took this quite literally!  In an effort to push the concept of power and control even further, we took to the skies with a breath-taking aerial demonstration performed by two Pirelli Sponsored Italian SIAI-MARCHETTI S-211 planes. The stunning acrobatics over Las Vegas speedway pushing the event to include thrills on both the ground and in the air – illustrating the concepts of performance, power, and control that are the main tenants for the P Zero brand.

Bucket list shoot for @pirelli with a @paganiautomobili and a Fast Jet! #TiresAndStripes #TopGun

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The event, matched in step with the product, created a perfect pairing to give the new P Zero an introduction to the North American market that, in true Vegas style, was a memorable exercise in extravagance and thrills.

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