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Prestige mean?

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What does
Prestige mean?

Prestige is a word commonly used in marketing to make a brand more appealing. Yet, to truly understand and define a ‘prestigious’ brand; one must start with the word itself.  Prestige is synonymous with respect, reputation and cachet. When analyzing brands and products against these criteria, the number of eligible brands who can truly claim the prestige label is small – such brands are guided by strong values and a world-class reputation in their fields.  For Pirelli, a brand focused on exceptional products, maintaining the prestige brand association is not only vital; it is an intrinsic part of the company’s DNA. Pirelli’s aim has always been to act as a pioneer in its industry, which sets it apart from other highly regarded brands.

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For a tire company, working with car manufacturers provides the ultimate proving ground to test product capabilities. Providing original equipment tires is a highly technological, labor intensive endeavor.  Pirelli’s homologation process – where providing the “perfect fit” is achieved – is typically a multi-year process involving extensive research and development to optimize the manufacturer’s specific vehicle performance. Therefore, the roster of prestige car marques that choose Pirelli tires as original equipment is exceptional: Lamborghini, McLaren, and Pagani, where Pirelli is the sole supplier of original equipment product; and an average of 50% of overall prestige car fitments, including manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, and Porsche. Of course, mastering the power and performance of these cars takes a special level of expertise and detail.  In partnering with these manufacturers, Pirelli continually reinforces its reputation as the top choice for top cars. 

And there are even higher performance levels to meet in motoring – through the motorsports arena. With over 140 years of experience, Pirelli has proven its understanding of the competitive racing world with its passion, performance and technological challenges.  As the sole supplier of Formula 1® since 2011, Pirelli maintains “pole position” in the motorsports tires field.  Meeting the most extreme demands, Pirelli’s Formula 1® range of dedicated P Zero racing slicks keeps the sport both competitive and interesting, all while providing astounding grip for the most powerful cars on the track today. The ability to meet these demands time and time again, are testament to the Pirelli brand’s high quality and ongoing dedication to advancement in all business areas. 

To reach ‘prestige’ status, being a great brand is simply not enough.  Glamor, style and a rigorous adherence to brand principles pushes the concept to the next level.  For Pirelli, these things are a way of life. With a storied brand history centered on excellence, Pirelli is in a unique position to continually achieve results.  What is the Pirelli way? Always dedicated to innovation and with a keen eye for style, elegance and cutting-edge visual representation, Pirelli is intent on pushing boundaries.  Whether it’s a revolutionary advertising campaign or the latest edition of “The Cal™”, the company keeps image at the forefront – and what an image it is!  As with motorsports, the brand direction based on excitement and passion has helped Pirelli create a unique property.  Pirelli carefully combines great talent and freedom to help protect the brand and maintains its direction moving forward. 

Of course, style means little without substance.  Pirelli’s company values run deep and are instrumental in achieving excellence across all business levels– and beyond.  Sustainability is a key pillar of Pirelli’s brand identity and is at the core of all future brand goals. With outstanding commitments to its communities, business partners, employees and the environment, Pirelli is dedicated to achieving impactful sustainability goals that make a difference.  The company’s aggressive sustainability program has been rewarded with accolades from various sustainability rankings and stock indexes, including CDP (the Carbon Disclosure Project), the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and FTSE4Good. Pirelli's excellent reputation has been built not only on more than 140 years of quality products and attention to style and prestige, but also on trust in a company known to "do the right thing."

In the latest chapter for Pirelli, ‘prestige’ has now become the inspiration for a destination and its latest project, beyond merely being a guiding principle for the brand. With the launch of the P Zero World flagship store in Los Angeles, California, Pirelli takes the notion of retail and brand immersion to the next level – as only Pirelli can. Providing excellent products and exceptional service, the location embodies the true Pirelli spirit, creating a shopping experience that is as unique and prestigious as the brand itself, bringing the story full circle. 

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