Tyres in every colour

The Color Editions of P Zero and Winter Zero tyres from Pirelli  make their debut at the Geneva International Motor Show

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Tyres in every colour

It always rains in London, women don't know how to drive, tyres are round and black...Sterotypes like these go on and on. They might be irritating and can often touch a nerve, but at the same time they do have one thing good about them: they can be broken. In fact, they can be easily proven false by a good healthy dose of reality. It turns out that it rains less in London than in a lot of places in Southern Italy, women cause far fewer accidents while driving (insurance companies love them for it) and... Not all tyres are the same. They may all be round, though even this is up for discussion, as not all of them interact with the ground in the same way. They are definitely not all black.Not anymore. Especially if we're talking about tyres from Pirelli. And certainly if we're talking about Pirelli P Zero and Winter Sottozero new edition tyres with coloured flanks, which make their debut on the international stage at the Geneva International Motor Show, featured not just at the Pirelli stand but also on the regal cars on display, whose coloured tyres make them even more stunning and seductive. 

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Bye bye to the all black look: tyres are finally getting some colour. The basic colours of the Color Edition of P Zero and Winter Sottozero tyres, the prestige tyres and high performance range from Pirelli, are yellow, red, white and silver, available this summer in North America before then reaching Europe and the Far East. And soon the entire spectrum of colours will be available on request for the most inspired imaginations, style experts and for whomever "Every colour is a personality, every personality a shade, and black, completely black, doesn't represent me."

Pirelli Technology in Technicolour. Behind the genuine style and behind the innovations which make the real difference lies substance and technology: research, testing, application. In fact, coloured tyres are not totally new, even for Pirelli. Yet the new tyres from Pirelli are truly innovative, providing a wide variety of colours which retain their stability when applied to the side of the tyre. Thanks to their experience developed in F1 where coloured tyres have been around since 2011, Pirelli technicians have developed an innovative imprinting process, new compound solutions and specially designed defences to preserve the integrity and brightness of the colour under normal conditions of use. Specifically, a material has been introduced which, without affecting the performance of the tyre, creates a protective barrier to maintain brightness while reducing the risk of the being worn away over time. 

The first P Zero Color Editions have already made their debut in the past few months on Pagani, Lamborghini and McLaren cars, while from this summer they will also be available for Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches and Bentleys. Coloured tyres will then be introduced gradually for all the premium models of the largest car manufacturers.

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