Tyre Quality: the fundamental value of Pirelli philosophy

Pirelli has made quality one of the values that has both consolidated and enriched the corporate culture, and that is still the basis of its strategy

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Tyre Quality: the fundamental value of Pirelli philosophy

A company’s identity is based on the multitude of values it pursues and safeguards, which is why the Pirelli Group has made quality one of the values that has both consolidated and enhanced our corporate culture and remains at the heart of our strategy to this day. In our new Quality Policy document, which replaces the 2010 version, we describe the organisation’s philosophy, code of ethics, and other rules to be followed, all of which send a clear, essential message for the entire organisation. Put into practice, this document places the focus on the customer while combining innovation with constant control over our products. 

A broader vision
At Pirelli, quality means anticipating and meeting the expectations of stakeholders throughout the world thanks to the skill and professionalism of our people and the multicultural nature of the Group, and this translates to safety, reliability, and high levels of performance in the products and services we provide. Quality is synonymous with: constant innovation and evolution in products, services, processes and systems aimed at meeting all of a customer’s needs; promoting our corporate culture—focusing on both quality and ethics—both within the organisation and to the outside world through focused, ongoing communication efforts; and constant, timely dialogue and collaboration with suppliers as well as with our customers, whom we consider to be strategic partners in joint development and in the pursuit of customer satisfaction. For years, Pirelli has focused on sustainable growth as a crucial part of responsible development; therefore, quality also means safeguarding health, safety and general wellbeing in the workplace, as well as protecting the environment throughout the lifecycle of our products. 

And more…
Quality is fundamental when producing a tyre, but there’s more to it than just that. In the eyes of customers, quality is based on both real product quality, which is related to product specifications and process standards that ensure a tyre’s integrity and are a necessity to be competitive, and quality as perceived when a customer first comes into contact with the product. For example, a tyre that features perfect aesthetical traits, such as an innovative tread pattern and attractive sidewall free of superficial imperfections, certainly leaves the customer with a better first impression. 
Indeed, product aesthetics are of ever increasing importance, so any radial or circumferential burrs in the tyre, minor imperfections in the sidewall graphics are aspects that are no longer acceptable to customers, even if they understand they don't compromise tyre integrity or performance. Nowadays, consumers expect much higher levels of quality and performance at lower and lower prices, and they are much more sensitive to comfort, which, for a tyre, means less vibration and better overall driving conditions. At Pirelli, this all means increasing our capacity to maintain control over our production lines and to significantly reduce quality rejects. 

Co-workers are our first customer
People are an essential part of any organisation. By ensuring that the first customer we focus on is the co-worker responsible for the next phase of the production process, we consequently also ensure that the quality of the final product meets the expectations of the marketplace. This is why our new Quality Policy was presented both within our Bicocca headquarters and, formally, at all of the Group’s various facilities. 

People are the focus 
Quality is achieved with the help of everyone who works within the organisation without exception. At Pirelli, our challenge is to constantly seek to trigger and fuel the positive energies of every individual such that we all continue along this path to excellence.

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