Tyre homologation: reached the milestone of 2000 for Pirelli

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show reached 2000 approvals for Pirelli. Because choosing the right tyre is a decision that is never to be underestimated

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Tyre homologation: reached the milestone of 2000 for Pirelli

Winter, Cinturato, P Zero, Scorpion, Carrier. It doesn’t matter what tyre we’re talking about; what matters is that it’s Pirelli.
Choosing the right tyre for your car is a decision that is never to be underestimated. It’s like getting ready for an important dinner: you make sure your shirt is clean, that your suit is pressed, that your tie is done properly, and that you’ve got the right dress shoes—and never brown with a blue suit! 

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With tyres it’s the same thing, and it always depends on what our needs are. Do we have a need for speed? Do we spend every day in the stresses of city traffic? Do we love to hit the slopes in the winter?
Whatever the occasion, you need to be well equipped. When we get behind the wheel, we need to be sure we’ve got fuel, the right clothes, luggage, and all the rest. Car manufacturers always want to be sure they meet the needs of their customers in terms of comfort, safety, and reliability—the three keys to satisfying the needs of every driver. 
Based on data from 2007 to today, Pirelli has proven to be a key partner for car manufacturers around the world and for all types of vehicles, with a particular emphasis on the Premium and Prestige segments. It is a tale of experience that begins long ago and continues to this day, bringing us to September 2015, from the 15th to the 27th to be precise, for the 66th edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the most prestigious events for the automotive world. The Frankfurt event featured presentations of some of the hottest news for 2015 in the automotive industry. In the Prestige segment, a place of honour was reserved for the Bentley Bentayga, while the Premium segment featured Mercedes GLC, BMW X1, BMW Series 7, and the Jaguar F-Pace. 
The event also coincided with a major milestone for Pirelli. With the 200 or so new homologations posted in just the first 6 months of 2015, the number of original-equipment agreements established with the world’s leading car manufacturers hit 2000, including homologations for some of the most significant innovations presented in Frankfurt. 
One in particular earned the attention of the industry press, and the origin of these tyres is unique, marked by a partnership between two names that have written the history books of motor vehicles and motorsports—an effort of great teamwork that led to the creation of the P Zero Corsa dedicated exclusively to the new Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Verde, the latest gem for the Italian car manufacturer. The perfect embodiment of Alfa Romeo style, this elegant, sinuous vehicle is sure to give all who drive it a unique driving experience.
For ten months, Pirelli and Alfa Romeo engineers worked hand in hand to make the best possible tyres for this car. At Pirelli’s Vizzola Ticino test track and FCA’s Balocco test track, the two companies gathered all the data they would need to create the perfect tyres for the Alfa Romeo Giulia, tyres worthy of bearing the AR mark on their sidewalls. The tyres designed for the new Giulia feature an asymmetrical tread pattern with which Pirelli engineers have managed to optimise handling at both low and high speeds. Development efforts then turned to the rear tyres, in particular, in order to ensure the highest levels of grip and stability in both wet and dry conditions.
Tyres designed for two new German cars also earned the special “AO” mark. Audi presented its next-generation A4 saloon and A4 Avant estate cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show to show off their elegance, performance and roominess. Audi, too, has chosen to wear Pirelli tyres, updating its cars’ wardrobe for all seasons to deal with all types of terrain with ease. 
In summer, it’s time to break out the Cinturato P7. For the snow, ice and cold, nothing beats the Sottozero 3 winter tyres. And for those who never take any chances, there’s the Cinturato P7 All Season tyre, which ensures stability and performance throughout the year, without having to worry about seasonal tyre changes.

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