Trentino: the three
best gourmet chalets

A journey by car to Trentino, amid breathtaking landscapes, fresh air and fine food from the three best gourmet chalets

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best gourmet chalets
Trentino: the three
best gourmet chalets

It is a matter of fact that winter is the season when people prefer to stay indoors, in the company of good friends and perhaps even by a warm fire; one of the favourite destinations to while away winter afternoons is without a doubt a mountain chalet, a warm and welcoming venue set amid breathtaking landscapes, where you can pamper your senses. 
One of the most attractive places to pick for a getaway is undoubtedly  Trentino, which is home to three of the best gourmet chalets in Italy.

Trentino: the three best gourmet chalets

Smiley faceVal di Rabbi: Malga Stablasolo
Val di Rabbi is in the heart of the National Stelvio Park: this is a closed valley where only alpine skiing and cross-country skiing are practised, surrounded by nature. 
In addition to stretches of woodland and a spa, one of the leading attractions is definitely the Malga Stablasolo, a traditional mountain pasture where you’ll find the classical snow-covered chalet in an isolated clearing: here, a must-have on the menu are the cakes and tarts made with butter and ricotta produced in the barn just underneath the refuge, as well as typical Trentino dishes, which can be found in abundant supplies.

Passo San Pellegrino: Rifugio Fuciade
The Fuciade or Fuchiade is ranked at the very top of food guides: situated 1900 metres from Passo San Pellegrino, where most of the ski lift facilities can be found, a flat path stretching approximately 3 km for all levels leads to the chalet. 
Since 1983 the owner Sergio Rossi combines the ancient vocation of providing a warm welcome with his sophisticated gastronomical taste: do not miss out on the venison and courgette lasagnetta and a visit to the wine cellar beneath the refuge. 

Passo Valles: Malga Venegia
Once you drive to Passo Valles, the Alpine pass of the Dolomites, situated at an altitude of 2,032 metres above sea-level, on the border between Veneto and Trentino, which connects the valleys of Biois and Travignolo, park at the start of Val Venegia; there, a half-hour walk into the woods will lead you to Malga Venegia, where you can try the unmissable tosella.
This is a type of fresh soft cheese made with cow's milk: this prestigious food has to be eaten fresh, at the latest within 2 or 3 daysbecause it does not mature well. 
The traditional, but also the best, way to eat this delicious cheese is  grilled and served with polenta and fresh wood mushrooms.

Travelling in winter can be a delightful experience; you come into contact with amazing landscapes and culinary delicacies, which can only be appreciated in winter, and your driving experience  can also be full of pleasant surprises, especially if  you fit your car with Pirelli’s range of winter tyres, for guaranteed superior safety and excellent performance. 

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