The rise of a supercar vlogger

Thomas Exton, known online as TGE, is best known for his fitness brand LDNM and his supercar YouTube channel TGE TV. We sat down with him after Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar to find out how one man with a love of fast cars, watches and gourmet burgers juggles work, business and a rapidly growing online platform! 

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The rise of a supercar vlogger

For some, just one of the three facets of TGE’s life would be a full-time career, given that one of his endeavours actually is, in fact, a full-time career in the City of London. But for Thomas Exton, enough, it appears, may not at all be enough. 

Enter LDNM, a fitness brand offering weight loss guides, recipes, workouts and apparel. “A passion for fitness and helping others get in shape drove myself, my twin brother and two other brothers to start LDNM in 2013,” he said. “It spiralled very quickly, and we've not looked back!” 

TGE and his twin brother share many interests, be it fast cars or fitness. They even took to the road together for the first time in a 1989 Renault Clio, bought for £450 as their joint first car. Many more, with much heftier price tags, were to follow!  

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The Road to Blenheim Palace 
“I started a YouTube channel to share my passion for cars, fitness and watches amongst other things, as I was getting asked a lot about them,” Tom said. “It's still quite new and I am excited for the future of it, the response has been amazing.”

Tom’s platform has grown exponentially over his first year, amassing 200,000 followers across Instagram and YouTube alone. Tom’s approach to building this platform, which he has done not once but twice over for his business also, is as full-on as his work schedule. Regular YouTube videos are rounded out by exclusive pictures of his exploits on Instagram alongside popular Snapchat and Instagram stories. 

Picking up a camera for the first time and setting out to build an online platform is no easy task; requiring consistency, personality and in the case of a supercar vlogger, most definitely a supercar. For TGE, YouTube simply became yet another mainstay in an already full and busy schedule. 

“I’m non-stop if I’m honest… I never switch off or relax, and often don’t get much sleep. There’s always something to be done somewhere, I find it really challenging but I am coping, for now at least!” 

A love of, and access to, supercars is make or break for a supercar vlogger. Having had more than a few during his burgeoning online career, we wanted to know what would eventually lead TGE to settle down. 

“For me personally - timeless design, a badge with heritage, and a silly V12. Hence the Ferrari F12 is a car I hope to return to in years to come as a keeper.”

With a constantly evolving garage, TGE is currently behind the wheel of a McLaren 720S whilst additionally anticipating the imminent delivery of a Lamborghini Aventador S. It was the former which not only caught the eye of everyone entering the Great Court at Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar but also won the affection of one extraordinary guest in particular…

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Holding Court in the Great Court 
Following a gala dinner in the Great Hall of Blenheim Palace, every guest in attendance was invited to join Andrew Bagley, co-founder of Salon Privé, and legendary racing driver John Watson on the steps just outside the hall.

A spectacular sight awaited.

Lit by a spectrum of colourful lights, a series of incredible super and hypercars were introduced by Andrew. As he ran through each of the models at the base of the steps, including a Centenario and a P1, there was one noticeable absence - the McLaren 720S.

Revealing the purpose of the impressive lineup, Andrew Bagley handed the microphone to John Watson to announce which car the racing veteran would, given the choice, elect to drive home from Blenheim Palace. Drums rolled, lights flashed, and at last a name was spoken as spot lights swung away from the deceptively arrayed supercars to one not included in the lineup. Sat in the centre of the Great Court, previously shrouded by the dark, was the McLaren 720S. 

Following handshakes and a brief chat with John Watson, Tom received a scale F1 P Zero wind tunnel tyre as a prize. The evening wrapped up in anticipation of a full day ahead for the first ever Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar. 

As the day begun, TGE joined forces with racing driver, journalist and presenter Vicki Butler Henderson to judge the CATEGORY in our Prestige & Performance Competition. Soon, however, the crowds came, as did the rain, and what followed was a near constant stream of fans and enthusiasts eager to both meet Tom and see every car on display up close and personal. 

Speaking about the show, Tom said “It was absolutely incredible - still can't believe the turnout, despite the rain! Says a lot when that many millions of pounds worth of cars are paraded and displayed for the public, in those sorts of conditions. Made it all the more special in my eyes, that the owners didn't lock them away. Hats off to them to be honest!” 

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