The Grand Tyre Hotel

Getting away for a winter escape or a summer break are much-enjoyed treats for you and I, but what if we told you your tyres could do the same? While they may not travel abroad for such a stay, nor enjoy sun, sand or sea, your tyres can ‘holiday’ through the summer and winter in their ideal conditions!

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The Grand Tyre Hotel

When we picture our dream hotel, we can see cocktails, pools and resting under white cotton parasols. This trip, while not a 1-for-1 replication, can be enjoyed by your tyres for far longer than a two-week getaway! Located in Pirelli’s tyre capital in the UK, Burton-on-Trent, our tyre hotel is the must-stay destination for winter and summer tyres who are looking to get away from it all, and their respective off-seasons of course. 

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So what does the hotel have in store for tyres who book in and get whisked away? Winter tyres can look forward to a summer away from, British weather permitting, warm tarmac and dry surfaces, while their summer cousins take the cold season out to miss wet, slippy conditions. 

Arriving at our Burton-on-Trent Pirelli Performance Centre for the first time, tyres heading to our destination will be escorted from their vehicle, onto which new season-appropriate tyres will be fitted, and taken immediately via concierge to their pre-booked ‘room’.  

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With all of their details recorded, our guests will enjoy the perfect lighting, temperature and humidity to ensure their stay promotes longevity as they relax in a tailor-made tyre rack. 

Around now, as the weather ​should​ begin to warm up, is the right time to move to summer tyres and book your winters in. This may make the hotel busy, as tyres come and go, but there are plenty of rooms to go around! 

One such set of guests recently arrived from a McLaren 675LT, owned by supercar vlogger Mr JWW. You can check out his video about moving to summer tyres and our tyre hotel right here! 

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