The brand-new Cinturato P7: a new tyre for a new era of movement

As the world gets going again, we celebrate with a new tyre. Braking is improved – especially in the wet – and there’s also better driving comfort and lower rolling resistance. With 70 years of history already behind it, the Cinturato name now opens another chapter

Home road The brand-new Cinturato P7: a new tyre for a new era of movement
The brand-new Cinturato P7: a new tyre for a new era of movement

Back in the 1950s, the most enduring name in the history of tyres was born: the Pirelli Cinturato. In Italian, this means ‘belted’ and it described the radial construction designed by Pirelli’s engineers to maximise safety. Today, more than half a century later, Pirelli’s research and development division is still pushing the boundaries. Say hello to the latest-generation Cinturato P7 ¬– which is even more advanced, safe, and efficient.


A survey commissioned by Pirelli, which took place between the end of April and beginning of May among drivers using tyres in 18-inch size or higher, highlighted the tendency for increased car use in future – especially while social distancing measures are in place. In China, 68% of respondents said they would use their cars more, in Italy the figure was 31%, and in Germany 20%.

More than 50% of people surveyed said that they wanted to change tyres before the end of the year to ensure optimal safety for their cars. The criteria governing their choice showed increased attention to tyre safety and quality: the percentage of respondents.

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Starting from the previous generation launched in 2009, which became a homologation leader, the Cinturato P7 has been constantly updated and improved thanks to the close partnerships between Pirelli and the world’s premium car makers.

The latest generation of  Pirelli Cinturato P7 highlights what the biggest priorities are for today’s modern motorists: safety and efficiency. Pirelli’s engineers, through an intense programme of research and development, have come up with a product featuring high levels of technology able to overcome the typical compromises associated with tyres. The new technologies created for the Cinturato P7 are capable of reconciling conflicting requirements, such as performance in the wet and low rolling resistance, achieving a new standard to satisfy drivers and car makers all over the world. The technical innovations on the latest Cinturato include a new compound equipped with a type of ‘mechanical intelligence’ that can change according to ambient temperatures: a bit like having two compounds in one.

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Safety is the key characteristic of the new Pirelli Cinturato P7. As well as improving on the dry handling of its predecessor, Pirelli’s new tyre for premium cars also improves wet handling, aquaplaning and braking in particular: taking four metres less to come to a stop from 100kph. The innovations introduced by Pirelli’s engineers also improve acoustic comfort (thanks to less road noise) and ride comfort, with the new tyre better able to absorb bumps in the road. Overall tyre life increases by six per cent, meaning that tyres have to be changed less frequently. Rolling resistance also goes down a class (minus 12%), improving fuel consumption by four per cent (measured on the WLTP cycle) as well as CO2 emissions.

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