Telemetry and tyre check in a single solution: the race is on with Track Adrenaline

A new system comprising an App and sensor-equipped tyres, designed for track day fans, debuted on the Mugello circuit

Home road Telemetry and tyre check in a single solution: the race is on with Track Adrenaline
Telemetry and tyre check in a single solution: the race is on with Track Adrenaline

Sensors which assess the conditions of the tyres such as pressure and temperature, a control unit with high-precision GPS and an App which - thanks to “replay” and “analysis” functions - suggests how to improve your performance on the track and get the best out of your tyres. In addition, the “live view” function, which can only be used by the passenger. This is Track Adrenaline, the system designed for track day enthusiasts and driving schools which allows drivers to analyse their driving style while at the same time learning how best to manage their tyres.

The system comprises three main principles: a small portable central control unit which can be easily installed inside the vehicle, the Track Adrenaline App which can be downloaded for free onto compatible iphones from the store from July, and the P Zero Trofeo R tyres, already available in 7 sizes with the sensors installed in the internal lining of the carcass. The P Zero Trofeo R is a Pirelli tyre conceived for use on the race track, designed to resist high speeds and quick changes in trajectory.

Before entering the track, Track Adrenaline allows you to monitor the condition of your tyres in a practical and rapid manner and, thanks to the digital manometer, set the ideal set-up.

During the drive, Track Adrenaline saves the information about the condition of the tyres, and at the same time combines the data received from the tyres with the telemetric information captured by the control unit. This electronic control unit is equipped with an extremely high-performance GPS module, which guarantees precision in the tracking and definition of trajectories as well as time measurements; furthermore, the system’s database includes the principal race circuits, so that the GPS is in a position to identify the track which is about to be tackled, including the position of the finishing line and of the split points.The control unit, linked via wi-fi to the Track Adrenaline App, offers the experience of an extremely high-performance timer with telemetric data and real-time analysis of the session on the track, including the time of the lap, intermediate timings, expected time difference and the lap producing the best recorded time.

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On those occasions in which the driver is accompanied by a passenger, the “live view” function can also be used: short and instant messages such as “WARM UP!” “PUSH NOW!” “COOL DOWN!” “RESTORE PRESSURE!” “BOX BOX BOX!” associated with a simple colour code, with which the Track Adrenaline system communicates with the passenger when the tyre rubber needs to be warmed up, when the optimal conditions have been reached in order to push the car to its maximum and complete the flying-start circuit, when to slow down and when it is appropriate to return to the boxes for a pit stop.

Once the day at the track has finished, all the data gathered during the session are saved to the appropriate cloud, so that they can be consulted at any time.The App also contains the “My Garage” area, where users can register all the cars for which they use Track Adrenaline and thus always have easy access to the particulars of their vehicles, the measurements of the tyres and the results of all the performances so that these can be compared with each other. Best lap and ideal lap, fastest and average speed, acceleration and braking details - this is some of the information stored which the App provides for drivers, as well as a “replay” function which enables them to analyse trajectories precisely and compare different sessions which might be quite distant from each other time-wise. Furthermore, through Track Adrenaline you are always connected with the world of Pirelli: the App provides the latest news, such as information about the P Zero Trofeo R, the main race circuits and authorised distributors.

The first public appearance on track has taken place at the P Zero Experience in Mugello, an exclusive Pirelli event during which Track Adrenaline has been available for testing on some prestigious supercars. Its market debut in July.

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