POLESTAR 1, the new Volvo, head of a green family

This is the first car with the new make from the Swedish manufacturer and is set to be among the first cars to be branded Pirelli Elect, developed for green cars

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POLESTAR 1, the new Volvo, head of a green family

“Pole” as in “Polestar”, because like the North Star it needs to indicate which direction to take, towards a sustainable future. But also “pole” as in “pole position”, to recall the legacy of racing cars.

The first model by Polestar, the new trademark deriving from the sports division of Volvo that concurrently embraces performance and progress, is launched with a dual soul. For the leaders of the company, Polestar is the perfect place to develop electric vehicles: despite being a manufacturer entirely dedicated to the electric car segment, it can rely on an enormous pool of know-how which Volvo has accumulated throughout its lengthy history of automotive production.

Production on the first 50 prototypes of the Polestar 1, the début model from the Swedish manufacturer intended to test the production processes and the performance levels, has begun in the Chengdu plant in China. Afterwards, the first Polestar 1 models will begin to travel through the streets for the joy of enthusiasts of electric drive trains with a sporty twist.

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The very first “pole star” is a luxurious hybrid plug-in Gran Turismo inspired by the 2013 Volvo Coupé Concept. The Electric Performance Hybrid propulsion unit consists of three engines, a 2-litre supercharged endothermic Volvo E-Drive on the front axle and two electric motors that operate the rear wheels, with the aid of a 34 kWh battery which guarantees a range of 150 km in full electric operation. In total, this combination can deliver 1000 Nm of torque with a maximum 600 Horsepower. According to the manufacturer’s intentions, the Polestar 1 will remain the only car by the make with a hybrid powertrain, while subsequent models, a saloon and an SUV, may be zero-emission.

The Polestar 1 is built on the SPA platform by Volvo, shortened to maximise performance levels, and also made lighter thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre in the construction of the chassis: this made it possible to lighten the car by a total of 230 kg, to increase torsional rigidity by 45% and to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity for improved handling. The unprecedented continuous control electronic suspension adapts simultaneously to the driving style and to the conditions of the road surface. The Polestar 1 will be one of the first cars to take the P Zero tyres branded Elect to the roads - these tyres are developed by Pirelli to meet the needs of electric and hybrid vehicles. 

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The Polestar 1 brings innovative solutions, not just in terms of drive train. In addition to the traditional methods of purchasing the car, the company is providing customers with a subscription service with an all-inclusive formula: customers can order their Polestar 1 on-line and subscribe to a two- or three-year deal, at the end of which the car can be replaced with a brand new one. Payment is in monthly instalments and includes a series of services including insurance and maintenance, collection and delivery of the vehicle included. To keep up with the latest car sharing trend, the new Phone-As-Key technology means that the car key becomes virtual and can therefore be shared by several people.

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An effective, highly elegant design distinguishes the GT, especially from overhead: a fixed panoramic glazing panel clads the entire 2+2 passenger compartment, lengthening and widening the appearance of the silhouette and offering an overhead view without barriers. A single line designs the low profile of the two-door car, whose sporty feel is enhanced by the carbon components, which enhance the value of the exterior and interior of the car.

Leather details and craft-based upholstery embellish the welcoming passenger compartment atmosphere, which is fitted with a sophisticated lighting system. The true gem is the little Polestar star which reflects on the glazed roof, just like a celestial body. Naturally, every styling feature can be customised, from the finish of the body work - all colours are available in both metallic and matt - to the interior upholstery, and even the wheel rims. For those whose eyes are trained on the future, without leaving anything up to fate.

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