Pirelli the market leader in the prestige car segment

One out of every two supercars has Pirelli tyres

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Pirelli the market leader in the prestige car segment

All queens, as everyone knows, expect the best. 

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Especially if we're talking about the queens of the automotive industry such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin and Maserati. If you take a look at the tyres on these cars from the prestige car segment, as well as those fitted to high range cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar, it's no surprise to see that one in two is a Pirelli.

Pirelli in first place when it comes to prestige
Pirelli is the leader in the prestige car sector, with a market share of around 50%. Worldwide, the sports cars and luxury car market is expanding much faster than the car market as a whole: the number of Prestige cars in circulation stands above two million, with an average growth rate of 15% a year in the last 5 years, against 4% for the rest of the market. 

Stratospheric growth in a market where Pirelli has decided to focus its production in order to become the undisputed segment leader.

Special P Zero tyres for each individual model
Pirelli's leadership in the premium and luxury car market is the result of a strategy centred around the perfect fit. The perfect fit means a specific tyre for every car, designed and made with dedicated technology, production processes and materials. These elements, matched to the needs expressed by the engineers of the various car companies - working in close cooperation with Pirelli - enable the company to develop tyres which are tailor-made for each individual car model.

The tyres themselves are known as P Zero. Just one name, but with a range of possible variations depending on the final destination; always one of the real "queens" of the motoring world. The tyres receive a specific mark on the side - which varies according to the car manufacturer - a special symbol demonstrating that the tyre was made to order by Pirelli.

Prestige tyres built to order
Pirelli's prestige tyres contain the most up-to-date tyre technology, representing the ultimate in personal tailoring and the art of tyre making. Then there is the extreme attention to detail to meet the demands of the final customers of the prestige car segment, the ones who will actually drive the cars fitted with P Zero tyres.

Pirelli has also laid down another marker as part of its prestige strategy with the opening of P Zero World in Los Angeles, the first in a series of innovative stores which offer exclusive service, technologically-advanced personal consultations and a completely new way of providing assistance to the customer. This new concept for buyers of luxury cars is inspired by the world of motor sport: all these ingredients make P Zero World not just an enjoyable and comfortable environment to be in but create a feeling of true prestige that simply must be experienced.

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