Pirelli, Sideburn and Deus Ex Machina present "SnowQuake"

The ice-racing challenge that will take you on an exploration of uncharted territories, where only non-conventional bikes dare to go

Home road Pirelli, Sideburn and Deus Ex Machina present "SnowQuake"
Pirelli, Sideburn and Deus Ex Machina present "SnowQuake"

How far can you push the limit of motor racing? Can a classic motorcycle face up to a snow quake race, shifting the action onto a non-conventional ice circuit, so far outside its comfort zone?

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Smiley faceThat’s right, on ice. Pirelli, Sideburn and Deus Ex Machina have devised an edge-of-your-seat, insane rally, with a route that unfurls amid the peaks of the Alps. Featuring flat track, vintage scrambler and enduro bikes, homemade studded tyres, ice-covered roads and a burning passion, for the most thrilling sports event ever.

To make the race even more special, enter pilot Marco Belli, and his incredible acrobatic skills: the discipline-champion in Italy and North-America will ride a 1300cc monstercycle, featuring new ‘Scorpion™ Rally’ tyres, a set especially devised by Pirelli. The presence of world-famous customizer ‘El Solitario’ – a real icon in his field – is also set to be a highlight of the day.

A new concept of racing and racing surfaces; where the technical world meets the natural environment of the Alps, for a truly unique event.

High-speeds, throbbing music, a sturdy seat and studded tyres, for an exceptional experience to discover just how far these raging engines are willing to go.

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