Pirelli Powergy: the synergy between safety and sustainability

Pirelli’s latest tyre was developed through extensive use of 3D modelling  and virtual reality. The result is a tyre that is both safe and advanced

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Pirelli Powergy: the synergy between safety and sustainability

The Powergy is the first Pirelli tyre that has benefitted from all the most modern development technologies, from 3D to virtual reality. All of Pirelli’s engineers worked together to design it, combining their shared experience with the reactivity of the most sophisticated digital research and development systems. Pirelli’s new Powergy is a summer tyre dedicated to crossover vehicles, SUVs, saloon cars and people carriers, able to combine safety and sustainability, to the benefit of both the driver and the environment. The Powergy will be available in 55 sizes from 17 to 20 inches, with speed ratings from H to Y.

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Safety and sustainability

The new Powergy, just like all the other tyres in the Pirelli range, puts safety front and centre. The ‘A’ marking on the label is testament to excellent wet braking performance, guaranteeing safe driving even in bad weather. There’s a special emphasis on the environment as well. Low rolling resistance (denoted by the ‘B’ marking) means reduced fuel consumption and therefore fewer harmful emissions. Another strong point in terms of sustainability is the low levels of running noise from the Powergy, which means extra comfort for drivers and passengers.

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Powergy: straight from virtual reality

This new tyre has come into existence thanks to the most advanced virtual development systems, which have allowed Pirelli’s engineers to work on the tread pattern design and profile, optimising the footprint. This has resulted in an even contact patch with uniform pressure, helping to reduce braking distances and improving driving control and precision. All these aspects, as well as the use of specific polymers in the compound, boost performance in the wet as well as extending tyre life. The Powergy is excellent at dispersing water, again thanks to the tread pattern design with its longitudinal grooves and angled channels, benefitting safety in the wet.

Pirelli’s static simulator was a key ingredient in achieving these results, at the company’s renowned research and development centre in Milan. Despite the current difficulties caused by the global Covid pandemic, the Powergy tyre was designed in 18 months with a limited production of prototypes, further helping the environment. These advanced processes, an integral part of the Powergy’s design story, will be used for future Pirelli tyres as well.

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