Pirelli designs the shoes
for the star of the
Paris Motor Show

At the Paris Motor Show, the Pirelli Prestige share is 76% while the Premium one is 28%

Home road Pirelli designs the shoes
for the star of the
Paris Motor Show
Pirelli designs the shoes
for the star of the
Paris Motor Show

P Zero Asimmetrico tyres for the new LaFerrari Aperta, the car dominating the French event. The PZero family on display on Audi and Porsche, too
A seventieth anniversary is always an important celebration and for theirs Ferrari has chosen to reveal plenty of exciting news at the opening of the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, one of the most prestigious events on the world automotive scene. The first is by far LaFerrari Aperta, the convertible version of LaFerrari: to celebrate the latest addition to the line-up, Pirelli was also thinking big and designed the model's new “shoes”.

The new Ferrari fits Pzero Corsa Asimmetrico developed specifically to guarantee maximum driving accuracy and ensure perfect behaviour in all situations by exploiting a particular asymmetric pattern and using components derived from the experience gathered by Pirelli in Formula 1®. To ensure nothing but the best for the convertible, the Pzero Corsa Asimmetrico has a larger footprint to reduce understeering and benefit cornering and grip.

New P Zero also on the Ferrari GTC4 LussoT
New P Zero tyres are also dedicated to the new Ferrari GTC4 LussoT, another revelation of the Paris Motor Show: this car that combines sportiness and versatility fits a set of Pirelli tyres developed to enhance performance and comfort. Jointly developed by Pirelli and Ferrari, the dedicated P Zero tyres are perfect to improve and augment the performance of the supercar with its four steering drive wheels.

The French event is unquestionably the most important in the world for number of visitors and the best stage for innovation, prestige and technology. And more. Interest towards environmental friendliness, such as electric cars and the like, is greatly on the rise in this edition and many models capable of winning over customers and competing on the market starting from the Ville Lumière have been presented.

Pirelli designs the shoes for the star of the Paris motor show 01
Pirelli designs the shoes for the star of the Paris motor show 02

The P Zero family grows in parallel to technological innovation
With the new tyres designed for Ferrari, Pirelli landed in Paris with new original equipment for some of the most eagerly awaited models, like the Audi Q5, the Land Rover Discovery and the Porsche Panamera. For these three models, Pirelli has developed special P Zero tyres with PNCS technology, capable of halving the noise inside the car. The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System can reduce noise in the tyre cavity by 2-3 decibels and halve the total noise, improving driving comfort and cutting acoustic emissions as a consequence.

By capitalising on years of intensive development, Pirelli has created tyres with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System for the Audi Q5. The tyres absorb vibrations reducing their transmission to the vehicle by placing a polyurethane sponge inside the carcass. This considerably reduces noise in the cavity without modifying any other feature of the tyre. 

The Porsche Panamera, another eagerly awaited model, fits this innovative system with its own innovative P Zero with Seal Inside technology: these tyres guarantee fast driving performance in and repair themselves spontaneously in case of damage. Road safety is another hot topic in automotive future, in addition to quiet tyres.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season: high performance and low environmental impact
A product that perfectly interprets the key issues of the Paris Motor Show is certainly the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season, approved for the Land Rover Discovery. The fifth generation of the British-made SUV fits Pirelli tyres designed to ensure high mileage and excellent performance both on and off-road, in addition to superior comfort and safety in all occasions. The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season tyres implement the Green Performance concept: they increase fuel-efficiency, reduce Co2 emissions and are made with eco-compatible materials that minimise environmental impact during all steps of production and use.

With these product Pirelli is the mouthpiece of a new sensitivity, which is widespread in the automotive world, much felt also at the Paris Motor Show and expressed by the most recent European standards in the matter of acoustic pollution and respect for the environment.  Pirelli's is a “quiet” revolution that starting from the environment is eyeing the near future of cars.

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