Pirelli Collezione: a range of tires for historic sports cars

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Pirelli Collezione: a range of tires for historic sports cars

Tours, rallies, racing activities, concours d’elegance - in recent years the number of events dedicated to classic cars has multiplied. This increased interest is a testament to the appeal of the classic lines and design sensibility that have reimagined the most iconic silhouettes as works of art on four wheels.  

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For drivers of these “objects of desire”, attention to every detail is fundamental. Wheels, interior, and paint are all concerns - as each element must contribute to the maintaining  the original aesthetic vision of the model. The tires are no exception. That's why Pirelli has enriched and expanded its portfolio of premium products to include tires aimed at matching the style – and enhancing the performance, of these classic models.

Collezione, a range created for the world’s most desirable sports cars built between 1950 and 1980, has been painstakingly crafted by Pirelli’s engineers to be the perfect fit for these vehicles, finally giving fans of vintage cars the both the performance and authentic appearance they have long craved.

For all tires in the range, the tread pattern and sidewall designs maintain the same visual identity as their earlier counterparts, but this vintage charm hides a thoroughly modern interior. Thanks to the latest compounds, Pirelli Collezione tires offer increased grip and improved water expulsion capacity, which guarantees ride comfort and safety without compromising the period correct style. Throughout the development of these tires, Pirelli engineers use the same parameters that the original car designers relied on at the time, in order to complement the period suspension and mechanical set-up of the car. The result translates into performance, style and authenticity – the top concerns of vintage car owners.  

Of course, Pirelli has included tires specifically crafted for iconic Audis within its Collezione portfolio. 

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For lovers of the Audi 100, the first car of the German company sold in the United States, Pirelli has reintroduced the Cinturato CA67, a product that revolutionized the world of tires in the 1950s, introducing for the first time a radial casing structure and a textile belt. The “stabilizing” function of the belt prevented tire deformation in a far wider range of performance conditions. Grip was greatly increased and the smooth rolling performance allowed tread wear to be reduced by more than one half in comparison to a cross-ply tire. Moreover, the use of the belt led to the design of new profiles and tread patterns providing even greater grip. Patented in 1951 and introduced into the market in mid ‘50s, the Pirelli Cinturato has kept the classic tread pattern “367” that made it a point of reference throughout the world for over a decade. In 1966 the pattern was codified with the acronyms CF67/ CA67. This name came from the 67 manufacturing licences issued by Pirelli to the most important tire manufacturers in 25 countries. CA 67 was the first textile radial tire with a speed code of SR - up to 180 Kmh. Its tread pattern was made of ribbed elements separated by four longitudinal grooves “a greca”, which pairs very cut shoulders and wide siping. Not only was the structure revolutionary for its time, the compound was also very resistant to high temperatures and tearing – increasing overall durability. All of these factors combined made the Pirelli Cinturato the benchmark of its class by the mid 1960s – and still the natural choice for the Audi 100 today.

For those who have a passion for the sportier side of life – or perhaps, more specifically, for owners of a Audi Quattro Gr.4, Pirelli has developed the P7 Corsa Classic. Exclusively designed by Pirelli in conjunction with top car manufacturers of the time, the defining feature of the tire is its versatility. With a single tread pattern, maximum performance is guaranteed under a wide variety of weather conditions without compromising product appearance or driving comfort. The unique tread design incorporates two specific elements: slick areas, for maximum grip, paired with grooves tailored to expertly manage wet weather driving conditions. Fans of Pirelli’s very best modern UHP products will notice that they draw on and further develop the asymmetrical pattern that can be seen in this timeless design. The P7 Corsa Classic is available in three different compounds for a made-to-measure solution that ensure precise handling. 

Pirelli, with a tireless dedication to innovation and best in class products, continues to strive to bring to life the performance and beauty of the most impressive vehicles on the road today – and yesterday as well. 

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