Pirelli and MV Agusta
present the Diablo Brutale

This special project by the Varese motorcycle manufacturer centres on the new DIABLO ROSSO™ III, with fresh detailing inspired by the latest Pirelli tyre - for a special version with unequivocal style

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present the Diablo Brutale
Pirelli and MV Agusta
present the Diablo Brutale

This ongoing story revolves around craftsmanship, sportiness and hi-tech content, reformulating the very concept of the sporty two-wheel ride. Pirelli and MV Agusta have written many pages in motor-sporting history. From racetrack to road, the two brands have exploited their prominent status in the racing world to develop products that are ever more technologically cutting-edge and suited to everyday roads

Now, the multi-decade partnership between MV Agusta and Pirelli is gaining something unique, produced by the celebrated Varese motorcycle manufacturer and dedicated to the DIABLO ROSSO™III, the latest supersport tyre manufactured by the company born in the Bicocca district of Milan. It raises the performance bar and redefines the concept of sport riding.

This project couples MV Agusta's creative flair and passion with the extreme technological tyre evolution delivered by Pirelli to create a unique specimen. This coming together of ideas has generated the Diablo Brutale, a special version of the Brutale 800, the latest naked bike to come out of the Schiranna-based company with, as standard, the latest addition to the DIABLO™ family, the DIABLO ROSSO™ III, presented to the international press at Aragón last March.

The Diablo Brutale originated in homage to Italian manufacturing, to sporting tradition and to the ongoing search for total innovation in the design field, all long-standing core values of the MV Agusta and Pirelli partnership, further underscored by the motorcycle manufacturer's policy to exclusively mount the elongated P brand on all its motorcycle models since 2011. 

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The first Brutale 800 design, dated 2001, has been revamped in style and spirit year after year, always in keeping with the MV Agusta philosophy. The latest model is a product of the unique challenge to conquer the new generations with cutting-edge design, made all the more special by this version dedicated to the DIABLO ROSSO™ III.

Driven by the Diablo spirit and the inimitable style of the Brutale family, this unique model features an even more sculpted line, highlighted by its mesmerizing matt black colour and contrasted by the intense red detailing on the frame of the Brutale 800, referencing the name of the Pirelli tyre. The forceful graphic design stands out on the side of the fuel tank, where it echoes the unique sunken lightning bolt that distinguishes the pattern of the DIABLO ROSSO™ III tread, and on the front mudguard and both sides of the tail.

While creating these stylish and innovative DIABLO™ graphics, MV Agusta was keen to add the elongated P brand's logo and the red “D”  of the DIABLO™ logo  to the fuel tank, taking the model's customization to the extreme. Pirelli, on the other hand, decided to produce a set of DIABLO ROSSO™ III tyres with a special graphic design on the sides - enlivened by a bright red that echoes the loud detailing of the Brutale.

With this model, the Schiranna-based company has taken a fresh look at the style, ride and image of the previous model - and generated the best Brutale ever. Pirelli has also carefully studied the mix, structure, tread and design of the DIABLO™ family, drawing on its experience in the greatest production-bike championship to forge the new DIABLO ROSSO™ III, with the aim of pushing the quality of the previous models to the limit, upgrading their handling and grip, boosting performance and increasing durability.

The Brutale 800 is fitted with DIABLO ROSSO™ III tyres as standard in the sizes 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) TL at the front and 180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W) TL at the rear.

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