Peter Fill:
when control is everything

A one-on-one with the world champion of Alpine Skiing. “When you go fast, you have to act in the right way and read the land. You have to have everything under control.”

Home road Peter Fill:
when control is everything
Peter Fill:
when control is everything

For those of you who aren’t winter sports fans or for those of you who don’t know him, Peter Fill is the the Italian champion in Alpine Skiing for two years in a row: he won the Downhill Skiing World Cup in 2016 and 2017.

We interviewed him to learn all about the road that led him to excel in his discipline and that made him what he is today. When it comes to winter, control is fundamental: just like Peter Fill, the Pirelli Winter Range is a Winter Champion as well. They both have the perfect balance of performance and safety. 

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Smiley face Peter, where does your passion for skiing come from? 
“I live in the mountains, in a place where it makes sense to practice the sport starting from when you’re young. In the summer you play ball, and in the winter you ski. For me, at the beginning, it was just a game with friends, but then I began to do it seriously, constantly and with precision. That’s how I got to where I am today.”

Have you had difficult moments in your career? If so, how did you face them?
For a professional, it’s normal to have ups and downs in your career. You grow from your defeats and you learn a lot from difficult moments. You always have to look ahead, set goals, and try to reach them.”

How do you get ready for winter?
“I start preparing in the summer to get ready for winter: I work out a lot, I train in the gym, I run, I ride my bike. The physical form is important for success.”

Besides the physical form, the right equipment is important as well. How do you choose your racing skis?
“My racing skis have to be very aggressive. My skiman and I choose the right pair for each race. We analyze everything: rigidity, construction, angle. My ideal ski should immediately give me confidence to go in and out of curves. It has to be a ski that has internal power, that always wants to go faster.”

We’ve defined you as the Winter Champion because you know how to face each season with the right balance of performance and safety. How does one become such a champion?
In order to become a Winter Champion, you have to have everything under control. In order to have everything under control, you have to train well and be physically prepared. In my case, it’s important to have control in everything: you have to be solid, collected and concentrated at 160 km/h max, you have to know how to read the terrain and every single movement to make.”

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