Partners in Excellence: Pirelli and Bentley

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Partners in Excellence: Pirelli and Bentley

The automotive industry is constantly changing and advancing, yet there are elements that remain steady. For Pirelli, that constant is the goal of achieving something “new and improved” with a like-minded partner in the industry.  Pirelli has happily found such a marriage with Bentley – having supported the brand since the 1980’s with its first bespoke tires for the Bentley Mulsanne’s Turbo R and RT versions.

It’s been a match made in car heaven ever since. 

Pirelli has fit the tire bill for everything from the Arnage to the Continental GT– moving seamlessly from bespoke original equipment fitments to winter products, racing tires and beyond – all to achieve the perfect fit to complement the iconic car marque. 

Partners in excellence: Pirelli and Bentley 01

To say that a car has a specific character is particularly apropos when describing the Bentley brand and its lineup of fine autos.  Bold. Refined. Luxurious. These are the words that come to mind when Bentley is mentioned– and therefore maintaining that reputation is key for all of Bentley’s partners. 

This is a job for which Pirelli is especially well suited

The all-new third generation Bentley Continental GT boasts an enhanced version of the renowned 6.0-liter W12 TSI engine, capable of reaching 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and an overall top speed of 207 mph. The Continental GT also utilizes Bentley Dynamic Ride – Bentley’s electric active roll control technology which enhances steering, response, balance and grip for the vehicle – all in conjunction with the tires, which forms a key element of this experience. Harnessing this power is a happily accepted challenge for Pirelli, who exclusively provides P Zero tires to equip the vehicle and strike a perfect balance between superior performance and comfort. This is achieved in part by Pirelli’s Noise Cancelling System, which is employed to ensure a quiet interior where the driver can experience unrivaled craftsmanship and style in the comfort of the uniquely luxurious cabin.

Partners in excellence: Pirelli and Bentley 02

The newest model in the Bentley line-up  the Bentley Bentayga - also sports custom Pirelli product, therefore following the brand’s great tradition of pushing the boundaries of performance and luxury. The innovative SUV breaks new ground in the hugely popular segment with a powerful 12 cylinder, 600 HP twin-turbo engine, allowing speeds upwards of 180 mph.  Impressive to say the least.  The Bentayga relies on custom-made Pirelli P Zero and Scorpion Verde All Season tires, which perfectly exemplify the Bentley spirit and its ability to respond to changing consumer needs innovatively – and its status as a best-in-class expression of automotive luxury.

Partners in excellence: Pirelli and Bentley 03

Working alongside and in partnership with the engineers at Bentley has helped Pirelli to better hone its craft and achieve one of its most important goals - to develop the perfect fit for the world’s most prestigious car brands. Carefully rendered versions of Pirelli’s premium products tailored to the vision of Bentley’s exact specifications captures all of the vehicle’s nuances – bringing them to life on the road in real time, and bringing our brands together to do what they do best – create an exceptional driving experience.

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