Pirelli P Zero judged the best performance tyre

The Pirelli performance tyre was victorious in the comparisons of evo and Autobild

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Pirelli P Zero judged the best performance tyre

There is a reason why more than half of the world’s finest and fastest supercars and hypercars fit P Zero as original equipment. Or rather, there are many reasons why, as demonstrated by two of the most authoritative international motor magazines, and they include best lap time, handling, braking in the dry and in the wet and driving feel. Autobild and Evo elected Pirelli as the world’s leading performance tyre brand after pitting it against the best tyres of the main competitors.

P Zero is the best performance tyre. And it is not Pirelli that says so


The German magazine took a sporty BMW 530d and had its test drivers try it out with 11 different tyre sets to pick the best summer tyre on the market. The car performed the same tests 11 times during which objective measurements were scrupulously recorded. The P Zero showed no weaknesses and no trade-offs. For the safety level it conferred to the car, it was the best of all in the steering pad and braking tests, in the dry and wet alike, offering accurate steering response and providing exemplary feedback. The tyre also obtained the highest scores in terms of performance, providing excellent handling, in dry and wet conditions, determined on the lap time.


evo, the magazine dedicated to the “thrill of driving”, praised the winner of its own tyre tests, in which the 18” P Zero excelled over seven other performance summer tyres. The evo comparisons are an institution for motoring enthusiasts worldwide and determined by means of strict tests in a controlled environment. With a strong lead on its rivals, the P Zero was the most efficient in the objective tests, convincing the test drivers above all for its excellent reliability in the wet. The tyre also ranked at the top in subjective tests. Evo wrote that the P Zero was the most communicative tyre capable of giving the best feedback to the driver, who could feel the grip of the tyre on the road.

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