Which bikes and riders are fit for the Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa?

The versatility of this tyre covers a wide range of needs. Here they are

Home Road Motorcycles Tyres Which bikes and riders are fit for the Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa?

When you need to replace the tyres on our motorbike, the hardest thing is often choosing the right model. You can start, for example, with your bike model or its size and see which ones are suitable, choose the segment that suits you most, whether you ride mostly on the road, whether you are an adventure lover, whether you want to travel thousands of kilometres or achieve the best time on the track. However, our research leads to several different options. This is what it means to choose the latest product launched by Pirelli, the DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa.

The most sporty tyre in the DIABLO ROSSO family

It's a DIABLO, so it's a decidedly sporty road tyre, designed for those who want maximum performance and want to make the most of their bike's full potential. But can I use it on the track? Is it OK in winter too? What if it rains? Can I use it for a longer trip? Can I fit it on my crossover? What about on my sports bike which dates back a few years?

DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa answers yes to all these questions, thanks to a set of features that can be summed up in one word: versatility.

Can I also use it on the track?

Pirelli has always had a model in its catalogue for the most powerful bikes, such as replica superbikes, a very sporty tyre suitable for both weekend road trips and track day.

It is true that the most suitable product for both road and track use is the DIABLO SUPERCORSA SP - V3, but it is also true that this is a very high performance tyre suitable for a professional, or at least very experienced, rider. Our DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is more malleable, always offers outstanding performance and has a decidedly high limit, so much so that no amateur - even the fastest - will be disappointed by it.

Is it OK in winter too? What if it rains?

The versatility of THE DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa allows you to travel with peace of mind in a very wide temperature range, so it is recommended for use on the road without worrying too much about the weather and the ground conditions. That is why it is safe, even in winter and in the event of rain, and allows you to tackle mountain passes and a few heavy showers without fear, situations in which a more extreme tyre would be less appropriate.

Can I use it for a longer trip?

The DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is ranked halfway between the DIABLO SUPERCORSA SP - V3 and the DIABLO ROSSO, and this applies to all the characteristics, including mileage. The Corsa does however offer one great advantage: if you ride with a smooth, rounded style, without juddering, the soft compound reduces the slippage that is typical of a harder compound. The tyre life is therefore in the hands of the rider, and from this point of view the situation is favourable. However, if your aim is to travel long journeys, then you would be advised to opt for a more specific touring product. 

Can I fit it on my crossover?

It may seem like an irrelevant question, but it's not. The DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is not a tyre that was created exclusively for replica superbikes, but is also suitable for high performance naked bikes. Today there are some crossovers that are closely derived from these, for example the Ducati Multistrada V4 and the BMW K 1000 XR, on which not only is a decidedly sporty tyre definitely not out of place, indeed, it enhances the bike's performance. So if you want to get the most out of sports driving on the road, the Corsa is just the right tyre. 

Can I fit it on my sports bike which dates back a few years?

The DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa project comprises the state of the art in current tyre technology, and is therefore designed to provide the best interface to bikes equipped with the latest electronic features. Here too, however, versatility comes into play: not only does it work best with electronics, but it can at the same time give a new lease of life to sports bikes from a few years ago which are not equipped with the same systems. They definitely improve the dynamic performance of our “old” bikes, the sports ones we love because they have neither the ride by wire nor the inertial platform.