DIABLO Super Biker, Pirelli's biker App, has been restyled

New graphics and novel features for your must-have travel companion

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What is the DIABLO™ Super Biker App?

The DIABLO™ Super Biker App is a smartphone application that records multiple usage data concerning your bike, providing not only classic information such as map routes, timing and speeds point-by-point, but also your bend angle, three-axis accelerations and much more.  
It has a dual function: it can be used to record motorbike rides, but also to track your performance on the track. Indeed, there are two operating modes that can be selected at start-up: Track or Road.

How does the DIABLO™ Super Biker App work? 

Once you have chosen the usage type, Track or Road, a user-settable countdown starts, allowing you to put on your gloves, pull down your helmet visor and engage the gear, and then the App starts recording data. 
While in use, for safety reasons and to avoid distracting you from the road to look at the screen, the App does not provide any information, so you do not need to keep your smartphone in sight, but you can store it wherever you want.

It's fun to discover how you drive

Even though you might be experts and are familiar with the road you've just travelled, or the track you've just sped around, it's always interesting to find out how you did. The DIABLO™ Super Biker App allows you to record all your laps, recall them and compare them: a great souvenir for road trips, where you can review your route from high up; on the track you'll need it to compare your performance, as it also records lap times and intermediate timings. Each record, in addition to providing all the test data, of course, allows you to add notes, for instance, with which tyres you were riding, or how your bike was adjusted at the time. Weather conditions are also recorded automatically. 

How to read the data

At the end of your race, either on the road or on the circuit, the DIABLO™ Super Biker App processes the data and then presents them in a very clear way which is easy to analyse. The screen on your mobile phone is divided into three sections: at the top is the map with your track highlighted; in the middle is a graph with the curves showing your speed and bend angle; at the bottom are the maximum values measured, speed, altitude, the three accelerations on the X, Y and Z axes, the latter mainly useful on the track to evaluate the performance of a bike, a ride trim, or a tyre. You also have the chance to consult the data with your phone in landscape mode.

The bend angle: bitter-sweet information

The fundamental fact, which is bitter-sweet information for any self-respecting rider, is provided in numerical form, expressed in degrees, and it is also highlighted by the silhouette of a bike: the maximum bend angle, to the left and right. This is where the imagination is unleashed. Not only is the challenge set with yourselves, as you will obviously try to beat your personal best from time to time, but you'll be able to compare the screenshots with your friends, to see who bent the most.  

Your DIABLO™ Super Biker App profile 

The first time the DIABLO™ Super Biker App is launched, it prompts you for your registration data, which will then be used to retrieve your sessions, and in the “Garage” section you will have to add your own bike and the tyres fitted, or your bikes if you have more than one, so you know which one you used for each lap or journey. 

Where do you put your phone?

One last point: where do you put your phone? There is no hard and fast rule, but do keep two things in mind: accelerometers do not distinguish the motion of the bike from that of the mobile phone, so for example if you clip it to your wrist the App will also record any movements you make, which have little to do with riding your bike; for the same reason, we advise against putting it in an inside pocket of a jacket or suit. The best thing, and also the most correct solution from a data detection perspective, is to secure it to the bike by means of a support. 

New features coming your way - stay in touch!

Like all Apps, the DIABLO™ Super Biker App is in continuous development. The version we've just described is available free of charge on the App Store and Google Play in various languages (Italian, French, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish and German), and further important updates are in store and will be released shortly. What are you waiting for? Download the App and stay tuned for more news soon!