Brixton Crossfire 500: the unconventional modern classic

Crossfire 500 is the first of the homonymous motorcycle family by Brixton, the Austrian brand that entered the European motorcycle scene at the 2016 EICMA edition and immediately received great interest from two-wheel lovers

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The first Brixton models ever made are single-cylinder four-stroke naked bikes with small engine displacements, 125cc and 250cc, and they are all characterised by an extremely attractive design: vintage and modern at the same time. The Crossfire model is instead the latest of the family, designed entirely in the heart of Europe by a team of twenty engineers over the course of two intense years, and it's the first half-liter engine by the Austrian brand. The Crossfire 500 and Crossfire 500 X motorcycles represent an independent line and differ from the other models for the unmistakable design that best expresses the modern classic concept.

The tank is in fact shaped on both sides by lines that intersect forming the characteristic X shape which, in addition to giving the model an unmistakable distinctive mark, also makes up its name. The name Crossfire 500 comes from the combination of the words 'cross', coming from the peculiar shape of the tank, and 'fire', which represents the symbol of the brand's passion for the world of two wheels and performance.

Brixton Crossfire 500, the unconventional modern classic 01
Brixton Crossfire 500, the unconventional modern classic 01

Both the Crossfire 500 and Crossfire 500 X models are suitable for all those motorcyclists who love the 'cool classic' style and prefer a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Aggressive, innovative and dynamic, both models have the determination to dominate the road and the track. Riders can immediately appreciate the extreme attention to details, the easy handling and the high quality of the specs, where we find among others the exclusive original equipment with Pirelli tyres. Brixton joins the long list of motorcycle manufacturers around the world, from the most established in the market to the emerging brands, which have selected the Italian brand as original equipment tyres, a recognition of the leadership of Pirelli products in terms of technology, performance and style.

The Crossfire 500 is the most street-oriented model, sporting a 486cc two-cylinder in-line water-cooled engine, capable of delivering up to 35 kW and 43 Nm of torque and therefore also adapting to A2 license holders. The original equipment Pirelli Angel™ ST tyres allow the bike to express its sportiness at its best and in complete safety, while guaranteeing a respectable mileage.

Brixton Crossfire 500, the unconventional modern classic 02
Brixton Crossfire 500, the unconventional modern classic 02

Crossfire 500 X, on the other hand, is the more off road version. It features similar specs to the sister model and at the same time boasts a more scrambler look, highlighted by a wider handlebar and Pirelli MT™ 60 knobby tyres. These have a design optimised for road use and at the same time ensure excellent off road performance thanks to the specific arrangement of the blocks.

Unique style, precision and riding pleasure, high-level engineering and specs including Pirelli tyres: these characteristics of the Brixton brand transpire immediately from the Crossfire line, launched on the market in spring 2020 and already highly appreciated by the press and enthusiast. Brixton will offer important new models in the years to come and it seems to be on the right path to excite many more motorcyclists with a successful formula. In fact, just as the company itself claims: take any direction, as long as it's yours.