Mclaren GT: the grand tourer
that changes the rules

McLaren has created its first Grand Tourer with the explicit goal of being unique among the GTs

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that changes the rules
Mclaren GT: the grand tourer
that changes the rules

McLaren has made the GT. The name is simple and self-explanatory, simply because it is the first ever Grand Tourer to roll out of the Woking workshop. And simply because it is revolutionary, totally new for the British car maker and for the GT universe as a whole. Let's see why.


It is a Grand Tourer and so it is all about high performance. The mid-engine V8 is the heart of the other McLaren models, with the difference that the one of the GT was revised to enhance flexibility and gradual acceleration without brutal bursts. This result achieves a smooth delivery of 630 Nm torque from 5500 to 6500 rpm. Other new elements in the engine include twin ultra-low inertia turbocharger and aluminium pistons. With a top power of 620 hp, the GT can touch 326 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds and from 0 to 200 in 9 seconds.

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The McLaren GT was born with the aim of breaking the Grand Touring rules by focusing on materials that make the car more agile and lightweight. The MonoCell II-T carbon fibre chassis guarantees minimum weight and maximum strength. With a dry weight of just 1466 kg, the stiff structure is the ideal platform for the new cutting-edge suspensions. The lines flow, the profile is sleek and essential with high aerodynamic efficiency and compact size. Unique in its category are the dihedral doors, a special touch that adds extra sinuosity to the shape of the GT. 


Comfortable, spacious and suitable for long distances. It is a two-seater with an impressive boot for its category. It is a car designed to drive to the golf course but also to cross continents, inviting the driver to familiarise with the throttle on longer stretches where the GT is capable of giving its best. The fully flat underbody contributes to maintaining high stability even at high speed, while the advanced Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system works to keep the car safe in all conditions. The clearance between tarmac and underbody can be increased from 110 to 130 mm to deal with uneven terrain, while the proactive suspension adapts to road conditions.


Travelling in the GT is a pleasant affair in a quiet and muffled ambience. The glazing of the tailgate and of the optional panoramic sunroof is lined with Sound and Solar Film (SSF) to protect from sun glare and outside noise. The tyres also help to improve passenger comfort. The Pirelli P Zero tyres developed specifically for the GT minimise noise by absorbing vibrations, while improving driving and steering feel, as well as dynamics. Furthermore, they remain reliable and high-performing even in the cold and rain. The rear P Zero are mounted on 21-inch alloy wheels, the largest ever fitted on a McLaren, with 20-inch wheels on the front.

The display takes its cue from the cockpit of a private jet and provides access to a powerful and user-friendly infotainment system. The design of the passenger compartment is lithe and elegant. The customisation principle rules throughout. Customers can choose the interior finish from a selection of innovative, high-quality materials, including brushed aluminium, fine leather, cashmere and durable, water- and stain-resistant Superfabric. Finally, a concealed ambient lighting system lends further sophistication to the interiors.

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