McLaren equipped for winter

Some people put their hypercars away over the winter. We say there’s no need

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McLaren equipped for winter

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We get it: if you have a hypercar like a McLaren, it’ a treasured possession. And that’s probably why so many owners of hypercars tuck them away for the winter, like bears hibernating until summer. In the past, this used to be because owners were fearful of salted roads rotting their prized bodywork: in these days of carbon and galvanisation, that’s less of an issue. 
Instead, it’s mostly now down to the understandable apprehension that a prodigious horsepower output will overcome the laws of physics on the slippery road surfaces typical of winter. But that’s not an issue, provided that you have enough grip. And this where winter tyres come in.
Everyone by now knows why winter tyres are important: softer compounds adapt better to temperatures below seven degrees centigrade, providing more adhesion just when it’s needed most. But there’s no doubting that the switch to winter tyres often detracts from the aesthetics of a car, as winter tyres often sit on functional rims rather than the beautifully crafted alloys that come as standard. And with a hypercar, a lot of it is also about the looks…

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Bespoke winter wheels
Which is why McLaren has come up with the perfect solution: a recently-launched set of bespoke forged alloy wheels for Pirelli winter tyres, which look just as good as their summer equivalents. A passport to freedom for McLaren owners, who can enjoy their cars all year round.
These wheels have been specifically designed by McLaren and Pirelli for the McLaren Sports Series Family: the 540C, 570S, 570GT and 570S Spider. They even come with a special ‘stealth’ finish, to complement those iconic looks.
It’s not solely about aesthetics though, as the wheels also contain all the technology that’s essential to drive in maximum safety, such as McLaren’s tyre pressure monitoring system, which alerts the driver instantly if there’s any drop in pressure.
The winter tyres chosen by McLaren, which these wheels are specifically designed for, are the Pirelli Sottozero 3, which reduce stopping distances by up to 10% in wet conditions and up to 20% on snow compared to summer tyres.
The tyres are exclusively created for McLaren, distinguished by ‘MC’ branding on the sidewalls. As a result, the whole wheel and tyre package is designed to work specifically with the model of McLaren it is fitted to, which is why the product was developed jointly between the Italian tyre firm and the British car manufacturer. They provide a level of control in winter that has never been seen before.

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All-year-round amusement
So just because winter comes, there’s no reason why you can't keep driving. Thanks to the new wheel and tyre package created for McLaren, you can even take your hypercar skiing. Winter conditions are after all perfect for honing every driver’s individual skills: there’s a reason why so many rally champions are Scandinavian…
Owners who don’t want to invest in a second set of wheels can always have winter tyres fitted to their existing rims. But it’s definitely more convenient to have a set of wheels that can simply be attached to the car in a matter of minutes – and there are several dealerships now offering ‘tyre hotels’, where seasonal wheels and tyres can be stored until they are needed next.
The tailor-made wheels are currently available through McLaren retailers throughout Europe and North America, with Pirelli tyres providing the perfect fit, whatever the weather.  
It may be cold outside, but if you’re lucky enough to own a McLaren, winter can definitely be the most joyful time of year.

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