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What is one of the most important properties of a P Zero tyre? That of being made-to-measure for its car. Specifically designed tyres are the key to exploiting the performance of a car to the fullest. And anyone who thinks one tyre is worth another is mistaken.

It is a just like saying that a tailored suit, cut and sewn to measure, is the same as a good quality garment picked off the hanger in a shop. The difference is importance. Having a tyre specifically made for each individual car model is crucial to achieve the best performance, safety and durability of the car. For the launch of the new P Zero we wanted to reassert this concept to expert drivers and enthusiasts and to everyone else who cannot exactly boast the audacity or footwork of a F1® driver. To do this, we created an advertisement that targets a broad public and that goes more or less like this: "made-to-measure is the right choice for driving and for your life as well. Be yourself, choose was is best for you, always follow your instinct and your road. This is the best way to stay unique".

Follow your own road

The three versions of the web and TV advert – 60 seconds, 30 seconds and 15 seconds long, respectively – relaunch a product and pivot on a value that Pirelli strongly feels. The goal is to feed the dialogue between the brand and the audience by creating a reference world capable of welcoming everyone, even who is not shopping for tyres, to generate empathy towards an object which, at first glance, is just something black and round, and to produce recognition and sense of belonging to the brand.
A tyre is an inexpressive object. A compendium of technology, safety and performance but one unlikely to provoke emotions. Pirelli has always been committed to bringing tyres to life and making them recognisable by presenting them to the public outside their typical technical and functional dimension with artistic interpretations, abstractions, metaphors and even absences, like on the Calendar, where the tyres themselves hardly ever appear.
There are here now, and they are even colourful. They appear at the end of the 60-second and 30-second adverts after having given the stage to the people and their spirit. In the advertisement, there is an ordinary man with a nondescript body who challenges the gazes of beefy machos in a public Turkish bath. There is a women in an elegant evening dress who cannot resist the temptation of a snack from a kiosk, a young man who decides to get rid of his hipster beard and long hair opting for a clean-shaved appearance he feels more his own, a young woman who takes a break from fashion and slips on her comfortable flat shoes and a child who sets aside his smartphone and digital video games to imagine flying with handmade cardboard wings.
No character goes against the rules or decides for originality at all costs. On the contrary, each one represents a human being with a strong personality who loves to think with their own head and who dreams about making their dreams come true. Exactly what Pirelli has been aiming to do for over 143 years.

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