“Setting your imagination free is fundamental”. Interview with Horacio Pagani

We interviewed Horacio Pagani at the Geneva Motor Show for the presentation of the new Huayra Roadster

Home road “Setting your imagination free is fundamental”. Interview with Horacio Pagani
“Setting your imagination free is fundamental”. Interview with Horacio Pagani

The family of the Huayra, little brothers of the Pagani Zonda, are the latest effort of the house of San Cesario sul Panaro.
That of Pagani is the story of a brand focused on the production of exclusive cars, but this time the supercar firm decided to build only 100 models of the Roadster, all of them pre-ordered before Horacio’s dream could be set on the road.
Let’s take a look at the specifications that make this car the very definition of supercar.
The performance of this beautiful concept car is just outstanding, the engine below the hood is an impressive 6.0 Mercedes-Benz AMG V12 twin-turbo, capable of dispensing an unbelievable 764 horsepower.
To reduce the weight of the car, Pagani opted for a carbon fiber chassis, material used for the interiors as well, where the aluminum gear lever really shows off.
The engineer team of Pagani managed to create the perfect combination of comfort and taste for luxurious material of the interior, with the sensation and performances of the most exciting supercar anyone could drive.

We met Horacio Pagani at the Pagani stand at the Geneva Motor Show with the brand-new Pagani Huayra Roadster, that in his words is “an extremely ambitious project to make a supercar weighing 80 kilograms less than the Huayra Coupé by exploiting technological work focusing on the use of new composite materials”.

Horacio Pagani - Geneva Motorshow - Pirelli

Horacio, the new Huayra fits the new P Zero Colour Edition and this Motor Show is packed with news. What do you think?

“You used to be able to buy tyres with a white stripe. Having the possibility for this new customisation now that everyone is seeking exclusivity is simply fantastic. Pirelli tyres are the compendium of premium technology and the colour is a touch of style that complements the whole”.

The other issue that Pirelli and car makers are focusing on is the connection to the road. How important is it to "feel" the road when you are driving?
“It is crucial. The car must be engineered to dialogue with the driver. When you grip the wheel, you need to feel what the wheel is doing and the work done by Pirelli is crucial: the tyres must help to convey feedback to the driver. The work of the car engineers ends at the rim. From the rim to the tarmac is Pirelli's job, and they do it well”. 

What does being connected mean for you in your daily life?

“It means keeping your feet on the ground. Setting your imagination free is fundamental, but there comes a time that your feet must rest on the ground to make good decisions, and that is when you need good grip. Dreams, research and curiosity make you understand that the moment you are experiencing is marvellous but that the future can be even better if you apply precision and discipline”.

How do you remain connected to the road as a businessman?

“This is the toughest thing: you need a good sense of responsibility. In Pagani, we foster team work, encouraging everyone to come forward with their ideas because everyone needs imagination and ingenuity. Our goal is to communicate so that the company gears turn smoothly”.

Do you have habit to keep “connected”?

“From the point of view of method, being pragmatic is the key. The strategy I have adopted is to imagine my life as a big block of flats: when a close a door, I leave that matter it behind and can step into another flat with a smile on my face and a refreshed spirit. 
With regards to the creative part, I find music is very inspiring and I take moments during the day to close my eyes and visualise what we are going to make".

Pagani with a P Zero Colour Edition
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