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GFWilliams, the supercar photographer

George F. Williams, better known as GFWilliams, is one of the most influential automotive photographers. London native and class of ’92, he has 106 thousand followers on Instagram and over 1.3 million on Facebook, all due to his incredible talent in capturing the most prestigious supercars in the world with his lens.

Pirelli invited him to take part in the activities of the U.S. P Zero launch. What will his London eye see in Vegas?

-  George, your passion began for fun: at the age of 14 you asked your dad if you could photograph his car and it was a perfect excuse to secretly drive around. What was your first thought when you were contacted by Pirelli?

"I was quite excited, Pirelli is a Premium Tyre brand and is a big part of the cars I regularly shoot and drive featuring on McLarens, Lamborghinis and Lotus'.   As a true driving enthusiast I really appreciate every component of a car, but a tyre is fundamentally what give you feedback and keeps you on the road which is especially important when it's not your car!"

-  Which are your most memorable experiences as a supercar photographer?

"My favourite shoot was when I shot the McLaren P1 Prototype on the race track in Bahrain before the car was even fully launched.  Having the car in the perfect light on such a beautiful track was just amazing. Having a McLaren 12C Spider to do some laps in was the icing on the cake!"

-  In America you don’t know what will be waiting for you, of course you know that supercars will be the protagonists. As a photographer, what do you usually do when facing an unexpected situation?

"I love surprises, it's what keeps you alive!  I'm the kind of person who is always quite calm which is important when you never know what's going to happen when shooting! I just asses the situation and make the best of it!"

-  What equipment will be accompanying you to the States?

"I'm still not fully decided, but when travelling I like to pack light. I think I'll be using the Hasselblad H5D-50, Nikon D800, various lenses to support them and I'll bring a Profoto Flash and Tripod to give me options with lighting.  My aim when travelling is to capture the scene in a natural way though so I'll be using minimal lighting on the trip."

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