From a life on skis
to a passion for cars and motorbikes

In an exclusive interview, Kristian Ghedina tells us how he feels about being a Winter Champion: "Winter? It's my life"

Home road From a life on skis
to a passion for cars and motorbikes
From a life on skis
to a passion for cars and motorbikes

Kristian Ghedina was born and raised in the heart of the Dolomites in Cortina d'Ampezzo, a famous ski resort and venue for the 1956 Winter Olympic Games. He was the most successful Italian downhill skier in the history of the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

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Smiley faceWe met him just after he completed his experience riding a Ducati New Scrambler Desert Sled, fitted with studded wheels Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR , on the snow of St. Moritz.

1)Kristian, what does winter mean to you?
"Winter is my life. I was born in Cortina and have been doing winter sports since I was a kid; I started playing hockey but, after having to go back home on foot from training, walking for a kilometre and a half with all the equipment in the snow, I decided to take up skiing instead.

2)How did you get interested in bikes and cars? We know that it has something to do with Alex Zanardi...
"I've always had a passion for anything which involves adrenaline and excitement, and I've always had a dreamt of doing something with bikes and cars. When I used to get back from the ski club, I would spend a lot of time in the garage working on my little motor: I had a three-wheeler which was faster than a Jeep. Alex gave me hand because I wanted to get into racing. I started competing in Grand Touring and then in Formula 3000: I did a test, it went well and I was able to compete in five races in the championship."

3) What was it like riding a bike on snow?
"It's amazing to think that you can ride a motorbike on snow, a lot of people would think it's impossible. Pirelli developed some tyres (Pirelli SCORPION™ RALLY STR) which meant I could go and have fun with good performance and a high level of safety."

4) Is it harder to control skis or a motorbike?
"I would say that the most important thing to know is that control begins in the mind: you should never go beyond your limits, in either case. Another essential factor is experience: you need to know how to manage your strength, understand when you're tired and when not to overdo it." 

5) What are the most important characteristics of a Winter Champion?
"Above all, knowledge and experience in evaluating winter conditions: not all snow is the same, there are different types which have to be dealt with in different ways. And you need to have the right equipment for every situation."

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