The emotion of a custom motorcycle

Capturing the enormous popularity of motorcycle customisation, Pirelli and Ducati turned to Vibrazioni Art Design to create the truly special SC-Rumble

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The emotion of a custom motorcycle

Having a custom bike made just for you – one that stands out from the masses – is all the rage with motorcyclists. 
No one likes coming to a stoplight and having another identical bike pull up next to you. Custom mania is a combination of passion, art and sport that drives hard-core bikers to show their relationship with their machine in a whole new way.

Ducati and Pirelli have been quick to react to this growing trend and out of the Borgo Panigale area of Bologna comes a unique custom bike created by Vibrazioni Art Design. 

This truly special bike is called the SC-Rumble and it is based on the Scrambler, a Ducati classic experiencing something of a renaissance. It comes fitted with tyres developed specifically for this model: Pirelli MT 60 RS tyres – 110/80 R18 on the front and 180/55 R17 on the back – mounted on solid rims. 

A partnership to be celebrated
Pirelli and Ducati found themselves in perfect harmony in the engineering and creative aspects of the Scrambler project and wanted to celebrate their partnership by creating a unique motorcycle, entrusting customisation of the one-off bike to Vibrazioni. 

Since its presentation at the Bike Shed exhibition in London – the most important international event for custom motorcycles – the SC-Rumble was hailed as a “work of art in motion” and pays homage to the synergy between the two Italian giants of the road.

Based in Massa Lombarda, Italy, Vibrazioni has managed to blend both art and engineering to ensure that the SC-Rumble stands out from the masses of other bikes, doing so with solutions that may seem extreme, but which are certainly original. 

The logo immediately attracts attention. Laser-engraved into a sheet of rubber attached to the side of the fuel tank, it features the texture of the tread pattern of the Pirelli MT 60 RS tyres around the Ducati Scrambler logo. 

Specialist metal work
The upper portion of the production frame has been shortened, and the original bodywork has been replaced with a monocoque – or structural shell – made using sheet metal recycled from industrial bins and shaped by hand to maintain its original colour. This monocoque was then given a transparent polyurethane gloss finish that brings out the colour and makes it smooth to the touch. Even the fairings are made out of hand wrought aluminium, and the aluminium headlamp features a smoke-coloured glass that houses a circular LED bulb inspired by that of the production-model Scrambler. 

But that’s not all. The tail has been raised using a new type of suspension, giving the bike a distinctive setup and riding style. The exhaust is based on the after-market model by Termignoni and has been given a hand-crafted muffler, while the handlebar has been “borrowed” from its cousin, the Streetfighter, also made by Ducati. 

The raw material used by the creative team at Vibrazioni has been recycled from things like garishly serigraphed barrels that have been aged by the elements, giving a vast range of colour combinations. Every step of the process – from cutting and shaping to welding, sanding and finishing – has been done by hand, keeping the use of machine tools to an absolute minimum, making the SC-Rumble, like everything made by Vibrazioni, a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. 

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Vibrazioni says that the SC-Rumble was created with great care and skill to produce a thrilling bike with a personality that embodies styles ranging from “vintage to punk and post-atomic”. 

Under the new bodywork, they explain, the mechanics have been reworked to optimise performance, ride and the overall experience, all so the rider has no doubt they are on a timeless motorcycle that is perfectly in tune with the times, free to roam – both body and soul – into another dimension. 

For Pirelli, the tyres chosen for the SC-Rumble, the company’s MT 60 RS, have always been a leader in the enduro street market segment due to the combination of performance and grip, on the road and off. With the development of the new sizes Ducati needed for the four versions of the Scrambler (Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic), Pirelli has totally redesigned the MT 60 RS in terms of specifications and performance.

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