Welcome the new P7 AS Plus 3

Pirelli introduced the next generation of tires specifically designed for the North American Touring market

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The Pirelli family in North America is growing: the long P announced the introduction of the P7 AS Plus 3, a new Touring All Season tire for sedans and coupes.

This new tire was developed to meet the needs of North American drivers looking for a product that offers extra mileage, everyday comfort and excellent all season capabilities.

With a new tread pattern, compound and construction, the P7 AS Plus 3 is designed to provide outstanding mileage, enhanced snow performance, improved wet / dry handling, and a quieter ride tailor-made to meet the consumers expectations.

Welcome the new P7 AS Plus 3
Welcome the new P7 AS Plus 3

With the introduction of this new product Pirelli completes its “Plus 3 Generation” range: after the launch in May of the new Scorpion AS Plus 3, an all season tire dedicated to SUVs and Pick-up trucks, Pirelli now covers over 70% of the most popular sizes in the highly demanded 18-inch and above H and V vehicle market with its Plus 3 line offers.

Pirelli specifically designed the Plus line of products to meet the changing needs of drivers in the North American market, in particular the demand for all-season tires, capable of covering many miles with great handling.

The P7 AS Plus 3 is backed with Pirelli's Confidence Plus Plan, that consists of a 70,000 mile Limited Treadwear Warranty and 30 day Trial offer, to provide peace of mind when you purchase of the tires.

The new Pirelli tire will be available in 31 sizes - from 17 to 20 inches, and fits best seller vehicles, including the Acura TLX, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy, Toyota Camry, KIA K5, and Cadillac CT6.


In the development process of the new P7 AS Plus 3, Pirelli engineers placed great emphasis on improving the product's mileage compared to its previous generations.

Pirelli engineers focused their work in particular on the tread pattern and on the compounds of the new product, which underwent a complete redesign.

As for the tread pattern, the new P7 AS Plus 3 has a more regular distribution of the sipes. This results in a more uniform stiffness and more regular wear. All these improvements translate into greater tire durability and excellent performance from the first to the last mile.

Important work was done on the design of this new tire: the P7 AS Plus 3 presents a new profile contour that makes the product footprint much more square shaped in order to improve snow and tread wear mileage. This particular design also helps reduce the peaks of pressure on the shoulder, translating into an improved braking and treadwear mileage.

To contribute to the new tire's greater durability, Pirelli made use of innovative materials in the compounds, such as functionalized polymers that extend the tire's working range, also in severe winter conditions, delivering a great improvement in mileage, with no compromises on wet.

The use of the 3D sipe technology allows the new Pirelli tire to deliver smooth wear, improved snow traction, excellent performance on wet for outstanding all season performance.