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It's not always been easy to get out and about recently – and that's why online learning has become so important

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Getting back on the road: virtually

Pirelli has been taking advantage of the digital world by offering new online events – to give owners of the finest cars information about how to look after their tyres and prepare for hitting the road again.

After nearly four months of standstill, it's important for drivers to be up to speed for when the time comes to get back out there. Pirelli has helped to provide a bit of a refresher course, thanks to Interactive online education sessions, held at the Pirelli Performance Centre next to its Burton headquarters in the United Kingdom. 

The company is working alongside various UK car owner clubs to offer online learning sessions and tours of the Pirelli Performance Centre, complete with a series of handy tips from experts when it comes to all aspects of driving again.

Tyres on screen 01
Tyres on screen 01

The sessions at a glance

The new online sessions are proving to be extremely popular, with a huge variety of topics: from tyres to maintenance to motorsport.  These have been specifically tailored to a number of different owners' clubs, so aficionados of a particular make of car can be sure of receiving specialised advice that's matched to their exact interest. The owners' clubs involved – to pick just a small sample – include Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche.

With the level of expertise Pirelli possesses, car enthusiasts have a fantastic opportunity to speak with industry professionals, learn about performance technology, and increase their knowledge of their cars and how to drive them.

The information is practical, easy to understand, entertaining and even humorous on occasions: very much in the spirit of modern online learning. And best of all, it's absolutely free to members of each club.

Nigel Winfield, Customer Service Engineer at Pirelli, has hosted a number of the sessions. He says: “The response so far to our virtual events has been fantastic. We've had well over 100 people attending some of the events and often we are spending more time taking questions from the audience rather than doing the actual presentation. It really goes to show just how engaged people are in this environment. I can imagine that these types of events aren't just popular for now, but will continue long into the future.”

Tyres on screen 02
Tyres on screen 02

Pirelli Performance Centres in the UK

In the UK, the Pirelli Performance Centre network brings together cutting-edge expertise in recommending, fitting and balancing high-performance tyres with first-class customer care and attention. Retailers within the network maintain the highest standards through a 130-point technical audit, which each centre completes twice a year with increasingly demanding criteria.

There are now 128 depots in the Pirelli Performance Centre network. To get your tyres checked at one of these specialists just visit www.pirelli.co.uk/ppc to find a centre in your area.

Tyres on screen 03
Tyres on screen 03