The new tyres for Maserati GT cars

From classic to modern, the Maserati GT cars are fitted with Pirelli tyres: bespoke P Zero and P Zero Winter for the new GranTurismo and Cinturato P7 from the Collezione range for the Biturbo

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Performance and comfort, a perfect mix that has always characterized Granturismo cars. The Maserat ones are among the most famous and have a long history, always linked to Pirelli. From the first Biturbo launched in 1982 with the Cinturato P7 to the 100% electric GranTurismo Folgore equipped with P Zero Elect tyres. Today, Pirelli offers tailored original equipment for the icons of this tradition: P Zero and P Zero Elect for GranTurismo and GranTurismo Folgore, as well as a new Cinturato P7 from the Collezione range for vintage Biturbo collectors. All these tyres have dedicated development, in collaboration with Maserati, as indicated by the MGT marking on their sidewalls.


For the current generation of GranTurismo, recently introduced in two versions, with traditional and electric powertrains, Pirelli has developed three specific tyre sets. For warm weather driving, the ICE variant features the Pirelli P Zero, while the GranTurismo Folgore offers the P Zero with an Elect marking, indicating specific technologies for electric cars. To provide control and handling even in cold weather, the GranTurismo can be equipped with the Pirelli P Zero Winter, for both powertrains. Maserati's requirements are particularly demanding, as they have asked for tyres that provide a high level of driving comfort and low noise, especially regarding the P Zero Elect tyres on the Folgore, which underwent additional development to achieve the desired level of quietness. State-of-the-art compounds also allow for high lateral and longitudinal accelerations typical of a grand touring car.


Maserati's first mass-produced GT, which dates to the early 1980s, is the Biturbo, a compact high-performance coupé that was originally equipped with Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyres. This tyre, directly derived from the World Rally Championship experience, was the first ultra-low-profile tyre introduced to the market. Its distinctive feature was a sidewall lower than the tread width, which had never been seen before, greatly enhancing the car's cornering grip. The Cinturato P7 quickly became one of the flagship tyres for high-performance vehicles and was later supplied as original equipment on the Biturbo S, the upgraded and even sportier version introduced exactly forty years ago in 1983. Today, the Cinturato P7 returns to the lineup for the Maserati Biturbo in the 205/55 R14 size within the Pirelli Collezione line, dedicated to classic cars. This Cinturato P7, marked MGT, has been revived in collaboration with Maserati Classiche and features a design for both the tread pattern and lettering that closely resembles the original, but is manufactured with modern materials and technologies.

In addition to Pirelli's test drivers, the new tyre was also tested by the same Maserati test driver who developed the Biturbo 40 years ago, bringing back the same sporty character, now combined with enhanced safety, especially on wet roads and low-grip conditions.