Smart is beautiful. Tyre revolution

Unveiled, for the opening of the Geneva Motor Show – 2017 edition – the new showcase-concept signed Pirelli, with which the brand introduces its newest, exclusive range of high performance colored tyres

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Smart is beautiful. Tyre revolution 01
Smart is beautiful. Tyre revolution

Geneva is the location where, once a year, car-enthusiasts and investors meet with the most innovative products of the car industry. But in Geneva, Pirelli's choice was to introduce an innovation destined to change the face of the supercar tyre market.
Pirelli presents Pirelli Color Edition, a new line of tyres available in hundreds of different colours to personalise the wheels of your vehicle in an exclusive, personal way, according to the rim and the colour of the car. The revolution has begun, and Pirelli unveils it through an artistic and very appealing installation.

Taking aim at the prestige shop windows along the main avenues of the world. The installation, housed within 4 x 2.5 x 2.5 meters, is the main sight of the most foot trafficked locations in both the airport and train station of the Swiss city, which hosts the international press of the automotive world. From an iron wrought birdcage, colour birds emerge, each designed and realized in paper by artist and art director Carlo Urgese.

A symbol of the “colour is free” message. Within the installation stands out two clear neon lit messages “Tyre revolution” and “Smart is beautiful”:  evidence of a new way to view tyres, which  from this point forward are “beautiful and intelligent”. And what's more this original “space” presents itself as a selfie opportunity for the numerous people that will flow through the city. A simple shot to share on Instagram with the hashtag #InColor: The color revolution has officially begun!

But the Pirelli Color Edition tyres are not just mere accessories: the new technology Pirelli employed, derived from the experience in Formula 1 championship, grants the tyre of a new look without giving up the usual high performances of the house of Milan.

Also, the tyres are available in different sizes (starting from 19' of diameter) and types, in order to fit every necessity of the driver. For every ground, Pirelli developed a new pattern of the tread for both rear and front wheels, wet, snowy or dry, providing the usual quality for what concern speed and grip on every surface.

So, Pirelli Color Edition are not just stylish tyres, are also an excellent combination of design and performances, the change your car needed to become uniquely beautiful and fast.

The tyres are also available on the online platform of Pirelli, where you can choose, personalise the colour, dimension and even pressure of your set of tyres in a very easy way and have them shipped to your favourite dealer.

Try Pirelli Color Edition tyres, and experience a good ride with the new unique design and performance of Pirelli.