New Pirelli Scorpion MS: high-performance all-season tailored for SUVs

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Reliability in summer and winter, high mileage, driving comfort, and acoustic performance: the new Scorpion MS is the high-performance all-season tyre that Pirelli has developed to meet the needs of modern SUVs. Foremost among them is the Maserati Grecale Folgore, the electric variant of the SUV from the Modena-based automaker, which leads the way for all models, especially electric ones, that will be equipped with the new product. Primarily designed for drivers in the United States and Asia, the Scorpion MS emphasizes the most important characteristics for these regions, namely mileage and comfort. It also displays an off-road capability and performs well on winter surfaces when needed.


The Pirelli Scorpion MS is designed to equip new SUV models from premium and prestige automakers. Specific variants will be produced for different vehicles, incorporating the main Pirelli specialties requested by the manufacturers. Foremost among these is the Pirelli Elect technology, tailored for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles: in fact, 75% of the ongoing co-development projects for the Scorpion MS in original equipment are equipped with the Elect package. This is the case with the Grecale Folgore, Maserati's first 100% electric SUV, for which Pirelli has developed two setups with the new Scorpion MS: 255/50 R19 all around and 255/45 R20 at the front, and 295/40 R20 at the rear, both with Elect marking. The new tyre confirms the Scorpion family's commitment to electric mobility, with over 30% of the entire Scorpion family marked as Elect.


Other technologies that can be found in the various versions of the Scorpion MS include Seal Inside, an anti-puncture solution, Run Flat, enabling continued driving with zero pressure, and PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System), which reduces rolling noise in the cabin. In the future, at the request of automakers, RunForward technology, recently introduced with the new P Zero E, may also be integrated, allowing continued driving after a puncture – a factor increasingly relevant for electric vehicles, which often lack a spare wheel due to the presence of batteries.


As the successor to Scorpion Verde All Season and Scorpion Zero All Season, the new Scorpion MS has been designed following the Eco-Safety Design approach, which combines high safety performance with reduced environmental impact. Designed to function all year round without the need for seasonal changes, Pirelli's research and development have worked on both the compounds and the tread pattern. A new combination of polymers and a particular resin system enhance grip and braking on both dry and wet surfaces, while the tread's siping is designed to optimize performance on snow, as required by Pirelli's partner manufacturers. Another priority of the Scorpion MS is acoustic and ride comfort, reducing noise by 25% compared to the Scorpion Verde All Season. This result is achieved through the tread pattern's sequence of steps that reduce noise during rolling, thanks to the specific phasing and inclination of the main grooves, as well as the single-ply carcass. Lightweight and robust, the carcass absorbs shocks, making the driving experience more enjoyable and improving steering precision. Low rolling resistance is maintained thanks to optimized compounds and tread pattern. Lastly, the tyre's footprint deformation is uniform even when subjected to lateral and longitudinal forces, a quality that contributes to even wear throughout its life.


The new Scorpion MS adds to Pirelli's range of tyres dedicated to the specific characteristics of SUVs. All products in the Pirelli Scorpion family are designed to support the weight and driving dynamics that differentiate these vehicles from traditional cars, with a specific version for each condition: the latest additions to this family are Scorpion (summer), Scorpion Winter 2, and Scorpion All Season SF2.

After the versions approved for original equipment on various car models, starting from 2024, the replacement market version of the new Scorpion MS will be available in the APAC region, while the other tyres in the Scorpion range will remain primarily focused on European countries.