New Pirelli P Zero: a high performance show of heritage and future

The new generation of Pirelli P Zero tyres was introduced during an amazing show of speed and allure in Lisbon. Because P Zero is the byword for sportiness, performance and strong emotions

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The new Pirelli P Zero tyres were officially presented on the historic circuit of Estoril in Portugal with a show truly worth remembering. More than just the top-of-the-range of the entire production, the High Performance tyres are the byword for strong emotions because they are fitted on some of the most powerful and beautiful cars in the world. This fact was the inspiration for the “302 Heritage/Future” event staged on the roads of Portugal. The evocative name makes explicit reference to the horsepower that separates the Ferrari F40 – the first to fit P Zero tyres and capable of roaring at 478 hp – from the F12tdf, the special edition of the F12berlinetta that delivers a peak torque of 780 hp. Interestingly, the number “3” itself hints to the three personalities of the new product: two for the road and one more racing-inclined.

High altitude and other performance
In short, the P Zero world is made of performance and feelings and this is why a suitable stage had to be chosen for introducing the new series. So Estoril was turned into the capital of the Pirelli world for a night. Guests and members of the press were flown in on two helicopters over the Atlantic coast near Cascais to the very edge of the track. From above, they were taken aback by the structure prepared for them by no fewer than 250 Pirelli men: a huge black cube that blended into the night and conveyed values of modernity and style at the same time. At the entrance stood the two cars that embodied the spirit of the evening: the Ferrari F40 and the F12tdf were displayed in showcases like “1:1 scale” models or precious jewels to be admired.

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Let the show begin
That was just the beginning. During the evening, the focus shifted to the technical aspects and features of the three variants of the new P Zero and once again to their true essence: emotions. A dance crew took to the stage after the first part. Evocative compositions dedicated to cars and tyres materialised from the fluid, mesmerising movements of the dancers. It was a breath-taking show, but the best was still to come. The curtain starting rising while the dancers were still performing to reveal a Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition, specifically created to celebrate one of the longest and most profitable partnerships in sports car history. The Lamborghini was joined by a 700-hp Pagani Huayra and finally by a McLaren 570S unleashing no less than 562 hp. A second dance routine started, one made of drifts, burnouts, fast crossings and acrobatics. Magic tricks on four wheels showcased the control properties of the new series that all motorists choosing to fit them can enjoy. It was a warm welcome made of supercars and artistic performances for the brand's most symbolic range that now cannot wait to bite the tarmac.