Finding the Perfect (Tire) Match This Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, Pirelli is playing cupid helping people find their perfect match – tire match, that is!

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Just like dating, it can be exhausting finding the right fit with endless options available. 

Pirelli is here to help play tire matchmaker for lovers who love to drive, based on their location, driving habits and lifestyle. So, start to scroll down till you find your perfect fit!

For Nature Adventurers – Scorpion All Terrain Plus

Are you an off-road lover? If so, Scorpion All Terrain Plus is definitely the tire for you. With its aggressive tread pattern and its robust carcass, this tire is the perfect fit for safe and comfortable long distance driving. It is designed to deliver optimal off-road performance even on tough surfaces like rocks, snow, mud, grass and sand, which are ideal places for those that love the drive.

Thanks to its specifically designed tread pattern, the new Scorpion All Terrain Plus efficiently evacuates water, digs mud, and ejects stones under the footprint. The sipes, or smallest tread features, deliver a maximum grip even on slick surfaces. So you don't miss a bit during your adventures in the nature. 

For Antique shoppers – Pirelli Collezione

Tours, rallies, racing activities, concours d'elegance? If you spend your weekends in these activities, definitely you need to check out our Pirelli Collezione tires, built for historic and vintage cars to combine classic looks with modern technology.

Collezione, a range created for the world's most desirable sports cars built between 1950 and 1980, has been painstakingly crafted by Pirelli's engineers to be the perfect fit for historic vehicles, finally giving fans of vintage cars the both the performance and authentic appearance they have long craved.

For all tires in the range, the tread pattern and sidewall designs maintain the same visual identity as their earlier counterparts, but this vintage charm hides a thoroughly modern interior. Thanks to the latest compounds, Pirelli Collezione tires offer increased grip and improved water expulsion capacity, which guarantees ride comfort and safety without compromising the period correct style. The result translates into performance, style and authenticity – the top concerns of vintage car owners.

For Big Car owners – Scorpion AS Plus 3

In the Pirelli family, Scorpion is undoubtedly synonymous with SUV and cross-over (as well as off-road) vehicles. The Scorpion AS Plus 3 offers a wide-range of fitments for owners of CUV, SUV, and pick-up trucks who are looking for peace of mind in all weather conditions on their daily commutes or long distance journeys. 

Developed to offer extra mileage, thanks to a completely new compound and tread pattern, the new Scorpion is equipped with a 70,000-mile tread wear warranty that places it among the best in class in its category. The new product is in fact part of the Pirelli “PLUS” line, exclusively developed to meet the needs of North American drivers, in particular the demand for durable tires, capable of covering many miles with great handling. The perfect fit for big cars owners. 

For Electric Lovers – P Zero All Season Plus Elect

If you love to be always at the forefront of any trends and, of course, you own an electric vehicle, Pirelli has the perfect tire for you: the P Zero All Season Plus with Elect marking.

The Elect marking offers a number of advantages. First and foremost is low rolling resistance, designed to increase the driving range while reducing consumption. 

Compared to a non-elect P Zero All Season Plus product, the new Pirelli tire has shown a reduction of 15% of rolling resistance, which translates in a direct improvement in the battery life of the vehicle.

Another key advantage of the Elect marking is noise reduction, for ultimate comfort and to emphasize the quiet inside the cabin. So you can enjoy even more your driving experience. 

For always active people – Pirelli WeatherActive

Weather conditions can be our biggest challenge on the road on any given day. From cold and snowy conditions to muggy and rainy summer days, there are countless situations that we must account for throughout the year, especially when traveling long distances. 

For people who don't want to anxiously awaiting meteorologist's predictions and want to hit the road confidently, Pirelli Weather-Active tires are the best solution. 

Engineered to go beyond traditional all-season performance, this new product is backed by the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating (3PMS), which certifies that the tire delivers excellent performance even in severe snow conditions, making the WeatherActive a true “four seasons” tire. 

Tailor made for a premium ride experience in any weather situation, the new Pirelli range provides superb wet performance and outstanding snow traction among its main benefits. These attributes are obtained thanks to the adoption of new compound technology engineered to enhance the tread compound's pliability in cold temperatures. 

From snowy conditions in the winter to muggy and rainy summer days, Pirelli WeatherActive tires allow drivers to stay active all year round, no matter the weather.