A new Cinturato for every season, keeping you safe from Summer to Winter

Pirelli has launched the quietest tyre in its class, with reduced braking distances in the dry, wet and on snow. Tyre life goes up, while fuel consumption goes down

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The Cinturato family has grown with the arrival of the new Cinturato All Season SF2. It's a tyre conceived to resolve a common problem faced by many motorists across Europe. Winter brings not only cold weather and shorter days but also specific laws in certain countries that oblige drivers to fit tyres that conform to certain regulations. And that's why the new Cinturato All Season SF2 is the perfect solution for people who don't live in mountainous regions, guaranteeing they stay safe and within the law.

Braking safely in the dry and in the wet, as well as on snow

Safety and efficiency are characteristics that have been the hallmark of the Cinturato family for 70 years, originally described by Pirelli as “the tyre with a safety belt inside.” Even the most famous racing driver in the world, Juan Manuel Fangio, was a fan of it: describing the original Cinturato tyre as providing “extraordinary control”.

The latest Cinturato All Season SF2 offers that same degree of safety all year round, as vouched for by renowned German certification body TUV, which awarded Pirelli's tyre with its ‘Performance Mark' – signifying that the Cinturato is among the best on the market in all the different driving situations found throughout the year. A similar result was reported by another German institution, Dekra, which pointed out how the Cinturato All Season SF2 offered greater control  with a shorter braking distance in the dry and more driveability on the snow compared to its rivals, as well as excellent braking performance in the wet and on snow.

A new Cinturato for every season, keeping you safe from Summer to Winter 01
A new Cinturato for every season, keeping you safe from Summer to Winter 01

A new ‘adaptive' tread pattern

The big innovation with this tyre is the ‘adaptive tread pattern': a system that uses both the compound and tread to maximise driving safety and versatility. The excellent braking performance in different driving and weather conditions is made possible thanks to the new Cinturato's compound and tread pattern design, which adapt themselves automatically to deal with the varied climates of summer and winter. As well as the new tread pattern, the profile and structure of the Cinturato All Season SF2 allow optimal driveability along with an even contact patch, improving tyre life by up to 50% compared to the previous Cinturato All Season Plus.

Helping the environment with lower fuel consumption and less noise

The new-generation adaptive tread pattern compound also delivers lower rolling resistance compared to its main rivals, leading to  better fuel consumption and increased range for electric cars equipped with Elect-specification tyres. All this carries benefits in terms of environmental sustainability, and also brings the tyre label classification into the B category for rolling resistance in the majority of the Cinturato All Season SF2 range. From the comparative tests that Dekra carried out against its principal competitors, the Cinturato All Season SF2 emerged as the quietest tyre in its class. Thanks to its specific compound and tread pattern, noise is kept at a minimal level, benefitting the environment.

Hassle-free driving – even with a puncture

If not having to worry about changing tyres from summer to winter isn't enough, the Cinturato All Season SF2 is available with innovative Seal Inside technology in some sizes, which allows drivers to keep going even with punctures up to 4mm in size. A special mousse inserted inside the tyre forms a rapid seal over any object that punctures the tread, stopping air from leaking out and maintaining pressure. When the object is extracted, the mousse seals the hole. Pirelli's Self-Supporting Run Flat is also available as an option. This improves safety without compromising progress. The car is kept stable even if tyre pressure drops suddenly, allowing drivers to continue for 80 kilometres at a maximum speed of 80kph.

A new Cinturato for every season, keeping you safe from Summer to Winter 02
A new Cinturato for every season, keeping you safe from Summer to Winter 02

Elect, for electric cars and plug-in hybrids

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have been thought of too. They now have Elect-marked Cinturato All Season SF2 tyres that guarantee a lower rolling resistance to maximise each car's range, less noise to enhance interior comfort, and immediate grip.

A tyre for nearly every type of car

The Cinturato All Season SF2 is available in 65 sizes, from 15 to 20 inches, for modern urban-based cars, ranging from the latest crossover utility vehicles to medium-sized sedans. On the tyre shoulder, you'll find the M+S symbol along with the 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) marking, indicating the tyre's excellent performance even in winter conditions. Drivers looking for the maximum when it comes to performance are still recommended to switch between summer and winter tyres, but for many others, all season tyres are a worry-free choice that works well throughout the life of the tyre.