“N” is for Porsche

Decades of partnership, from modern to classic

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Tailors pride themselves of their loyal customers who come back again and again. Similarly, Pirelli's tailor-made approach takes pride in establishing sound partnerships with auto makers. Such as Porsche, for instance, that as far back as the early 1980s demanded specific tyres for their cars. More in detail, the atypical configuration of the 911 required a majestic footprint to manage the exuberant overhanging flat-six. The first Pirelli tyres specifically created for the German car with the boxer engine was created in 1982; in 2013 and over thirty years of partnership later, Pirelli was named “Porsche Best Supplier”.

“N” is for Porsche
“N” is for Porsche

Central to this time-honoured partnership is the Pirelli P Zero with the "N" marking that identifies the tyres specifically created for Porsche. All variants were designed and tested by the engineers in Bicocca and those in Zuffenhausen and each one is the result of over 18 months of thorough teamwork. Special tread design, compounds made to measure and customised profile are the main features summed up the letter impressed on the sidewall of the tyres made by Pirelli for Porsche. The wide range covers all sizes type-approved for the various models of the German auto maker, offering the famed P Zero performance made to measure for Porsche cars. In addition to the P Zero, also carrying the “N” marking are the P Zero Corsa and the Scorpion Verde, the latter also in All Season version; the winter tyre range, instead, features the Scorpion Winter, the Winter Sottozero 3 and the Serie II. All embody the ‘Perfect Fit' strategy of Pirelli to make specific tyres for the most exclusive, high-performance cars. In total, there are no fewer than 261 Pirelli tyres type-approved for Porsche to cover virtually the entire range, from the 718 Boxster and the Cayman to the Panamera. Unsurprisingly, with 95 starting from the 1968 generation, the model with the most options is the 911. There are 26 Pirelli tyres specifically designed for the Cayenne, including the first SUV-ready PZero Corsa. 

And what about vintage car? Porsche proudly likes to remind that 70% of all the cars made in Zuffenhausen to date are still on the road. Tyres are a key element for these cars to ensure top-notch performance and also to protect their originality. Old-fashioned tread pattern and sizes are essential to guarantee the classic appears of the vintage cars. They may look old but the technology implemented is state-of-the-art and classic car tyres must past over 30 very stringent selection criteria in order to be picked by Porsche.

Since 1948, when the first Porsche was made, the brand has been the byword for sports cars and this is another reason for which the partnership with Pirelli is truly a ‘Perfect Fit'.