Tire maintenance tips to make the most of your mileage

Maintaining a routine of check-ups coupled with good knowledge of your tires' treads is all it takes to keep your tires on the road as long as possible

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Hitting the road this fall? If your travels are taking you long distances, you may want to ensure that your tires are well-equipped and prepared to go the extra mile. Your tire's mileage and efficiency depend on several factors, many of which you can control by adhering to a handful of best practices. We'll explore our top recommendations here, so you can maximize your tires' mileage for upcoming road trips.

Before delving into the nitty gritty details, let's check the easiest and most obvious tips off the list. The first and most routine factor in keeping your tire mileage up is making sure your tire pressure is maintained in its optimal range. This can differ based on your vehicle and specific set of tires, so always confirm the best level of pressure in your tires and make sure to check on it at least once a month.

Another routine to keep up with, albeit less often, is having your tires rotated and aligned every so often. If left unchecked, your tires can lose their balance and build up irregular treadwear. Not only does this affect your tire's lifespan, but it can significantly hamper your gas mileage, too. If you begin to notice your vehicle vibrating strangely or veering in a direction by itself, this is a clear sign that you need to take your car in for a realignment. Taking your car to the mechanic a couple times a year to have your tires rotated and aligned is more than enough to keep this creeping hindrance at bay.

While it isn't a sexy bit of advice, slow(er) and steady wins the mileage race. Zooming down the interstate will get you to your destination faster, but you can save thousands of miles on your tires in the long run by keeping your average speed down below 70 MPH. Think of it this way - you'll save plenty of money by keeping your tires longer and reducing the likelihood of nabbing a speeding ticket.

Beyond these preventative actions, it's important for you to know your tires like the back of your hand. Know the treads, so you can be the first to spot irregularities as they appear. Keeping a close eye on your tires can serve as a preventative measure, allowing you to monitor the wear and tear on your tire and acting upon it if needed. Check on your tires as often as possible, especially after long drives, by running your hands over the treads and searching for any unusual developments in the rubber.

Lastly, you should know what tires you need before even making the initial purchase. Learning the benefits of each type of tire, both for climate and terrain, is essential knowledge prior to making a decision. Pirelli's catalogue of tires is extensive for every need - from vintage vehicles to the latest SUVs; managing anything from rocky, hot surfaces to slick, snowy roads, there'll be a tire that meets your mileage and performance needs.

The key to maximum mileage in your tires can be summed up in one word: vigilance. Maintaining a routine of check-ups coupled with intimate knowledge of your tires' treads is all it takes to keep your tires on the road as long as possible.