The lifestyle of Jeep: Jamborees and nationwide adventures

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There is a certain adventurous allure to Jeep, and its cult of exploration that's grown over the past several decades confirms it. Its history surely contributes to the car's renown and admiration, but the same must be said for the loyal Jeep owner-base that has built a thriving community centered around overland journeying. One subsection of this community is particularly impactful in the Jeep sphere: the ever-trekking Jeep Jamboree.

Though the Jeep, formerly known as the General Purpose, originated as an all-purpose (did the name give it away?) military vehicle, it didn't take long to catch the American consumer's eye. Less than a decade after its introduction to the consumer market, an adventurous mind by the name of Mark Smith gathered other like-minded Jeep owners and established the first-ever Jeep Jamboree by traveling through the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

The success of this journey helped the idea stick, and the Jamborees continued to grow through 1987, when Smith officially founded the Jeep Jamboree USA organization. Ever since Smith's first mountainous journey, the Jeep Jamboree has become an icon of American off-roading tradition. These days, Jeep Jamborees occur across the U.S. in a myriad of beautiful and challenging landscapes each year, undeterred by extraneous circumstances (even COVID-19). Some of these oft-traveled locales include Death Valley, Palo Duro, the Rubicon Trail, and the Ozark Mountains. Spread all across the diverse ecosystems of America, Jeep Jamboree unites individual drivers under a vision of exploration, camaraderie, and a sense of community.

The lifestyle of Jeep: Jamborees and nationwide adventures
The lifestyle of Jeep: Jamborees and nationwide adventures

Beyond events like the Jamboree, it could be said that Jeep largely influenced the growth of overland driving around the world. Several manufacturers in Europe and Asia also dabble in off-road adventure, including brands and vehicles like Land Rover or Toyota's Land Cruiser - these being clearly influenced by the Jeeps of old. Similar off-roading communities have branched out from these Jeep offshoots, though they really belong to the same crew, unified under the simple desire to venture through wilderness left previously undriven.

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Jeep's aura of vehicular bravado has influenced generations of adventurous drivers domestically and abroad. Whether it's through an organized journey, such as a Jeep Jamboree, or by oneself in the wild, there's just something about that familiar 4x4 that brings out the pioneer in all of us.