P Zero Experience triumphs at the Red Bull Ring

Austria holds a new event for supercar owners

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Since 2010 P Zero Experience has come to be recognized as one of the most exclusive events reserved  for supercar and track driving enthusiasts. Needless to say, the event is organized by Pirelli, as P Zero is the global byword for ultra high performance tyres, the epitome of Made in Italy.

P Zero Experience triumphs at the Red Bull Ring 01
P Zero Experience triumphs at the Red Bull Ring 01


P Zero Experience far exceeds the conventional track day. It is an opportunity to spend a whole day on a high ranking track, assisted and treated as professionals pilots with the chance to experience the thrill of driving  high performing models provided by the best car manufacturers  with which Pirelli historically collaborates in the development of dedicated tyres. The event was launched more than ten years ago for supercar owners, starting in  France and the Arab Emirates, it gradually expanded to other nations, naturally without forgetting Italy. Today, precisely on 20th October, Austria will join the list with P Zero Experience Central Europe scheduled to be held at the Red Bull Ring circuit.


More than 8 hours of total immersion in Pirelli's exclusive world. The day commences in the morning with participant registrations, and closes when the chequered flag is lowered at 5.00 pm. Consistently with the P Zero Experience tradition, you can switch from driving your own vehicle on the race track with open pit lane, to test drives at the wheel of powerful vehicles produced by leading car makers – Pirelli's partners - on the race track and/or on the road. You can also attend training on Pirelli's range product, follow the “Red Bull Ring Tour” and be amazed by several surprises. At all times you may count on the outstanding and highly skilled hospitality service. This edition's innovations also include the Pirelli Track Adrenaline Challenge, a non-competitive challenge  during which participants can test their driving precision and achieve the best trajectory  thanks to the Track Adrenaline control unit.

Driving on the race track will be enhanced by relaxation in the lounge fitted out for participants. The lounge features Pirelli Design products (including haute couture watches designed by Roger Dubuis and the limited edition Montblanc trolley collection specially created for Pirelli), exclusive contents provided by the Pirelli Foundation and images from the iconic Pirelli Calendar, besides a selection of the most precious and high performance sports tyres.

P Zero Experience triumphs at the Red Bull Ring 02
P Zero Experience triumphs at the Red Bull Ring 02


Once again Pirelli has chosen a circuit published in Formula 1 and Superbike world championship calendars, events renowned as the highest expressions of four and two-wheel racing, which have witnessed the Italian firm's leading role as sole supplier of tyres. Today the Red Bull Ring is one of the best in the international scene. It has replaced the historical Zeltweg circuit, the stage of epic duels in the 1970s and 1990s.


What we see today as a 4.318 km circuit is the ideal site for a full immersion experience in the world of car racing championships. The Austrian facility, unquestionably one of the most modern, retains the charm that is rightfully claimed by historical tracks. Conceived in 1969, it has long been unused due to extensive renovations of the circuit in the 1990s. The Red Bull Ring has overall hosted 26 Austrian Formula 1 Gran Prix championships, many of which are held in mid-August.

P Zero Experience triumphs at the Red Bull Ring 03
P Zero Experience triumphs at the Red Bull Ring 03


The rules of the first P Zero Experience in Austria remain the long tested ones, which allow Pirelli clients to experience the performance of their supercar, and the adrenaline rush of driving the most powerful cars in the world. The helmet is mandatory, and comfortable clothing is recommended, with suitable driving shoes. A valid driving licence is naturally required to access the circuit. To access this super powered experience, all you have to do is register on the Web page, at a promotional cost, considering the quality of the services offered: 650 euro  VAT included for drivers, 150 euro VAT included for each accompanying person.