McLaren 765LT: lightness and power together

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It's time to get running again. Being toned and on a strict diet makes all the difference. That was the view of the engineers at supercar maker McLaren who created the new 765LT (LT stands for “Long Tail”).

If you thought you knew the meaning of extreme performance you will have to think again. Derived from the stupendous 720S, the 765LT is even more powerful and lighter. A good 80 kilos lighter in fact. The engineers beat their own goal by 10 kilos. 

A true athlete: the V8 engine produces 765 PS and 800 Nm which leads to acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in just 7.2 seconds.

McLaren 765LT: lightness and power together 01
McLaren 765LT: lightness and power together 01

The key though is not under the bonnet but in front of it. The bumper is made of carbon fiber – a lightweight yet strong material McLaren introduced to the world of Formula 1 -that is amply used throughout the car.

All that motorsport knowledge means saving weight on a vehicle – whether it's a race car or a track-focused supercar – and overall better performance, handling and agility.

This trimmed down engineering athleticism produces a greater aerodynamic load on the tyres which is born by tailor made P Zero Trofeo R.

Cutting edge in appearance and performance, the 765LT unleash its full power on the track. The P Zero Trofeo R tyres, specially created by Pirelli for this supercar, played a fundamental role in this feat.


Through modifications made to the P Zero Trofeo R - the most high-performance track tyre also homologated for on-road use of the Pirelli range - its footprint was enlarged to provide greater mechanical grip and guarantee high levels of traction in every phase of the driving experience, particularly in dry conditions. To ensure the maximum grip at all times, the tread design was also modified to reduce braking distances and maximise lateral adherence.

The tyre performance together with the unique characteristics of the chassis, enable the 765LT to record the fastest lap time of any Super Series car ever at Woking, achieving excellence in the union of speed and safety. Other technologies are also available such as the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, which ensures greater acoustic comfort in the cabin reducing the noise generated by the rolling of the tyre.

McLaren 765LT: lightness and power together 02
McLaren 765LT: lightness and power together 02


innovation and technology earned on track. The bond continues to this day with each hand-built McLaren supercar that leaves the McLaren Production Centre equipped in Woking, Surrey being shod with Pirelli tyres, bespoke for each model designed specifically for the cars on which they are mounted, bearing the MC mark on the tyre walls.