Fulminea: super-fast and high-tech

Not only is it capable of reaching 0-100 km/h in record time, but it is also launching totally unprecedented battery technology

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Fulminea is the first full electric road hypercar made by the Italian make Automobili Estrema. Fast, powerful and electric - the name which is Italian for lightning-fast says it all. Fulminea generates a combination of sports driving satisfaction, state-of-the-art technology in the field of energy storage and impeccable craftsmanship in the automotive construction typically produced in Motor Valley. An outstanding car boasting the Made in Italy seal, produced between Modena and Turin and fitted with Pirelli tyres, will be on the road in 2023.

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Team Automobili Estrema's goal was to make the dreams of the new electric car visionaries come true, and they have accomplished just this by launching Fulminea, a new generation of electric cars: top performance, state-of-the-art technology and materials capable of teaming light weight with strength.

Yet the real novelty lies in the “hybrid” battery pack, made in partnership with IMECAR, that combines innovative Lithium-ion cells with ultra-capacitors to deliver 1.5 MW of power, the equivalent of 2,040 HP.

Fulminea can rely on four electric motors to accelerate from 0 to 320 km/h in under 10 seconds. What's more, the battery in the new hypercar boasts a record-breaking energy density of 500 Wh/Kg (1,200 Wh/l), with a battery weight of 300 kg and a total mass of 1,500 kg. All in all the Fulminea incorporates the most sophisticated electrical technology that the automotive industry has to offer, while guaranteeing efficiency, safety, silent operation and environmental friendliness.

This new hypercar – which made its début at the Turin Car Museum, will be fitted with Pirelli tyres thanks to the experience and leadership that the Italian company has gained in electric cars.


The car's predominant colour is the distinctive “Savoy blue” that identifies Automobili Estrema vehicles, bearing a polished steel shield, which is also azure blue. Inside the shield, an embedded bolt of lightning symbolises electricity, speed and power, representing the beating heart of the new Fulminea.

The overall style of the car is distinguished by both stylistic and functional elements, such as the front light clusters, that develop around the bolt of lightning. The mixed LED/Laser technology headlights achieve segment-beating lighting technology performance levels.

Equally innovative are the solutions implemented at the rear, such as the third brake light incorporated into the transparent shark fin and the spoilers on the rear lights made by EST – Mobile from Turin. Dauntless and functional solutions, a unique and attractive design: this is the incredible result achieved; no other automotive manufacturer had ever used recycled methacrylate panels with RGB LED lights to create an effect similar to that of fibre optics.

Every detail has been devised with painstaking care for detail, focusing on an impeccable design and with a precise aerodynamic functionality, with the aim of combining shape and function in an innovative way. Aerodynamic CFD tests were conducted to test the most significant features of a car offering such extreme performance levels.